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About Save Location GPS

Save Location GPS - The app name says it all! This is your Personal Location Assistant.

Save your favorite places. Never forget where you parked the car. Share important locations with your friends or colleagues. 

Features of Save Location GPS

Save & Share Location
Save your current location with just one click with accuracy. 

Online/Offline Support
App will work with and without internet. You can save new location without internet. (GPS will take time to locate without internet)

Save Location Detail
Also saves important details like Latitude, Longitude, Title, Address, and Photos to mark any location.

Save Location Edits
Easily edit your saved locations, or remove unwanted locations.

Group your Locations
Have some favorite restaurants or hiking spots? Group them together for future reference.

Different Map Types
You can see maps in Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain views.

Favorite Locations
Add locations to Favorites to always remember your favorite places. Access it quickly from favourite screen.

Navigate to Locations
Navigate with ease and find the quickest route to all your destinations with Save Location App.

Login and Sync Locations
Login and access your favorite locations on any device. 

Export and Import Locations
Easily export all the location data into a CSV file so you can easily make use of that data. Want to map out a group of locations to share with a work team? This feature is perfect for you.

Support/Feedback/Feature request
We love to hear from you! In-app message us any issues or feedback. Have a new Feature idea? We would love to hear and we will for our best to serve you.

Here is some use cases :

◇ Visiting a new friend for the first time? The Save Location App will quickly show and save the location details with exact accuracy so you can reference it later for your next visit! The app even stores the date so you remember the last time you saw Grandma!

◇ Find the best restaurant in town and want to remember to bring your loved ones? Save the location in the app and even share it with your friends so they know where to find you. 

◇ All location data can be saved in the app for reference from other devices, all with security to ensure only you and people you want to see your location data can access it. 

◇ This app is perfect for adventurers, business people, team leaders and those who socialise with family and friend  Just imagine all the places you've been and thought how you would like to share with others. This is your chance. 

Save Location GPS is now also available on iOS:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Save Location GPS?

Save Location GPS is a personal location assistant app that allows you to save and share your favorite places and important locations.

What features does Save Location GPS have?

Save Location GPS has features such as saving and sharing locations, offline support, saving location details, editing and grouping locations, different map types, favorite locations, navigation to locations, login and sync, and exporting and importing locations.

Can I save locations without internet?

Yes, you can save new locations without internet. However, GPS will take time to locate without internet.

Can I edit or remove saved locations?

Yes, you can easily edit and remove unwanted locations that you have saved.

Can I group my favorite locations together?

Yes, you can group your favorite restaurants or hiking spots together for future reference.

What map types are available in Save Location GPS?

Save Location GPS allows you to view maps in Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain views.

Can I access my favorite locations on any device?

Yes, you can login and access your favorite locations on any device.

Can I export and import my location data?

Yes, you can easily export all your location data into a CSV file for further use. This feature is perfect for mapping out a group of locations to share with a work team.

Is there a support or feedback feature in the app?

Yes, you can message us within the app for any issues or feedback. We also welcome feature requests.

What are some use cases for Save Location GPS?

Save Location GPS can be used to quickly save and reference location details when visiting friends, finding the best restaurants, keeping track of all your locations across devices, and sharing your experiences with others.
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