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About ANTIVIRUS AI, Mobile Security, & Spy Virus Cleaner

Antivirus AI Android

★★★★★ Free Anti Malware Scanner.
★★★★★ Engine based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with heuristic detection methods.
★★★★★ It analyzes your device for viruses in real-time and gets smarter with every scan.
★★★★★ Find hidden spying apps
★★★★★ Like a vaccination against malware and espionage: Protection against Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers, Spyware, Ransomware and Spy apps.
★★★★★ Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 4,000,000 users in 175 countries.

Vaccination against malware
If the Antivirus AI scanner detects a new Trojan, the protection modules initiate defensive measures in a matter of seconds.

If suspicious spyware is detected on a user's smartphone in Paris, the meta-information is subjected to in-depth analysis in the AI Cloud. If the malware becomes a new threat, all global users are immediately "vaccinated" against it. And all this without having to carry out a single product update.

The more you use Antivirus AI, the better the detection and the higher the overall protection of all users worldwide.

Combining strengths
Conventional antivirus scanners use a signature-based model, so the scanner knows what the malware looks like. Today, however, malware is changing its behavior to evade detection by traditional technologies.

Antivirus AI uses artificial intelligence and is constantly learning about a wide variety of threats to protect you proactively against malware.
The AI scanning engine sits in the background and detects threats immediately. In contrast to other antivirus apps that have to look for threats constantly.

Protection against State Trojans
Antivirus AI has such a high level of protection that it can even detect unwanted Trojans from government organizations.

Of our more than 2.5 million Android users (as of August 2021), we have 17,223 detections of such APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) registered, which government organizations and law enforcement agencies widely use.
This is, despite the fact that most of these users use well-known antivirus apps primarily as their primary solution.

Antivirus AI achieves this thanks to self-learning algorithms for pattern recognition.

Stops infections: Malware Vaccinations
Traditional antivirus scanners update themselves with old-fashioned and static signature updates to detect new malware.

In human medicine, one learns that proactive protection must be dynamic to protect against the ever-increasing danger of new pathogens.
The same principle is required today for computers and mobile devices. At Protectstar, for example, we develop vaccinations against malware, which use pattern recognition to protect against new and unknown malware dynamically.

At the same time, vaccinations reliably detect modifications of malware strains. This not only increases the immunity status but, at the same time, reduces energy consumption to work more efficiently.

The ideal combination
Protectstar™ Antivirus AI does what antivirus scanners and conventional protection apps cannot and always protect you optimally.

But we also understand that you want to continue to use your tried and tested antivirus scanner app. For this reason, you can also use Antivirus AI as the perfect complement to your existing antivirus solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Antivirus AI?

Antivirus AI is an Android app that provides free anti-malware scanning using artificial intelligence (AI) and heuristic detection methods. It continuously analyzes your device for viruses, gets smarter with every scan, and offers protection against various threats such as viruses, trojans, keyloggers, spyware, ransomware, and spy apps.

How does Antivirus AI work?

Antivirus AI uses an AI-based scanning engine that sits in the background and immediately detects threats. Unlike other antivirus apps, it doesn't need to constantly look for threats. It combines artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and self-learning algorithms to proactively protect you against malware. It can even detect unwanted Trojans from government organizations and law enforcement agencies.

How does Antivirus AI provide dynamic protection?

Antivirus AI provides dynamic protection by developing malware vaccinations that use pattern recognition to protect against new and unknown malware. It also reliably detects modifications of malware strains, increasing immunity and reducing energy consumption for efficient operation.

Can I use Antivirus AI with my existing antivirus scanner app?

Yes, you can use Antivirus AI as a complement to your existing antivirus solution. It works as a perfect combination, offering optimal protection.

How often should I scan my device with Antivirus AI?

It is recommended to regularly scan your device with Antivirus AI to ensure real-time protection against viruses and other threats. The more you use Antivirus AI, the better the detection capabilities and overall protection for all users worldwide.

Is Antivirus AI available for all Android users?

Yes, Antivirus AI is available for all Android users. It is preferred by more than 4,000,000 users in 175 countries.
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Best app
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