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About ClassUp

ClassUp helps students(university, college, school) manage classes, organize notes, track tasks, and communicate with classmates.

Class Schedule
- Easily manage classes(courses, lesson, lectures) by searching for and adding classes entered by other users.
- Design your unique schedule using your own background image, various box and text colors.
- Create multiple schedules, Explore schedules of your friends.

- Organize everything in one place including events, to-dos, memo.
- Easily add dates, pictures, hashtags(#hashtag) to your notes using simple codes(#, @) & autocomplete mode.
- Organize your class notes using @classname autocomplete mode.

Class(Course, Lecture) Notes
- Tap your classbox to view its notes.
- Add memos, events(exam, presentation), to-dos(essay, report, assignment, homework) related to your class.
- Check your classmate’s list and send a message them.

- Check your today, weekly schedule, notes fast.

ClassUp User Guide :
Contact ClassUp Support :

Android App Permissions

If you use ClassUp on Android, we'll ask you for permission to enable certain features when they require additional information from your device. If you opt out of the permission, you can still use ClassUp. And you can check and edit your ClassUp permissions anytime by going into the Settings app on your device.

To check and edit your ClassUp permissions
Settings - Apps & notifications - ClassUp - Permissions

ClassUp may ask following permissions when you try to use a relevant feature.

Contacts : ClassUp will ask you for this permission to access your contacts if you choose "Continue with Google" when you sign up. You can refuse it and choose "Continue with Email" or "Continue with Facebook".

Storage : ClassUp will ask you for this permission to access your storage if you want to upload your pictures in your albums to your ClassUp notes, your ClassUp wallpaper, or your ClassUp profile.

Camera : ClassUp will ask you for this permission to access your camera if you want to take a picture and upload it to your ClassUp notes, your ClassUp wallpaper, or your ClassUp profile.

Do you have any problems, questions, or opinions? Please talk to ClassUp developers through channels!
Email : [email protected]
Facebook Messenger :
WhatsApp :
Line :
Kakaotalk :
iMessage : [email protected]
Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :

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Perfect for tracking classes, love the customization for appearance of the app and the opionnof widgets so you don't need to open the app to see what class you've got next. Very happy :)
Queen Nothing
Great app
Amal Yahya
Simple to use! However, it takes me a long time to pick out complementing colors for my subjects. Can you please make color templates?
charlize ocampo
Good app
Dhanguru Nanak
Best app in the section... Trust me I have tried a few
Sharifuzzaman Shafi
I think this is very cute and easy schedule. But i think this is better, if the widget can set more than one schedule. Thank u ♥️
Salma Dewina