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About RhythmStar: Music Adventure

★ Update (2020.7.8)

♬ New chapter was added
♬ New heroes were added
♬ New "Summon Hero" has been added in TECHNIQUE

Get ready to start your musical adventures with the most exciting and fun rhythm game along with cute characters.

Over 80 iconic real life classical musicians turned into heroes with classical and original music.


★How to Play

♬ Follow the rhythm and hit the beats by tapping the screen.
♬ Try not to miss any beat, to get in to the next level.
♬ Level up your heroes for the next adventure.
♬ Clear the mission get exciting rewards.
♬ Collect amazing heroes such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and dozens of other classical musician.

★ Key Features

♬ Cute characters with a short introduction of their personalities.
♬ Easy and thrilling to play! ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, EVEN OFFLINE!!
♬ Compete agents the best RhythmStar player around the world.
♬ Enjoy the variety lines and speeds
♬ Be a master of different types of challenges every day!

★ Story

♬ A distant future, devastated by the invasion of Dust!
♬ There you are the last hope.
♬ Playing beautiful Music with cool Heroes
♬ Please return the universe to its former appearance!

★ Enjoying RhythmStar? Follow Us

♬ Official Facebook :
♬ Official Twitter :
♬ Official Community :

Have questions, comments or suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected]

★ Rhythm Star is requesting the following permission.

♬ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To upload images or videos to the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

RhythmStar: Music Adventure is an exciting and fun rhythm game with cute characters, where players can embark on musical adventures.

What are the new updates in RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

The new updates include the addition of a new chapter, new heroes, and a new "Summon Hero" feature in TECHNIQUE.

How do I play RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

To play, follow the rhythm and hit the beats by tapping the screen. Try not to miss any beat to progress to the next level. Level up your heroes, clear missions, and collect amazing classical musician heroes.

What are the key features of RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

The key features include cute characters with personality introductions, easy and thrilling gameplay that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, competition against the best RhythmStar players globally, variety in lines and speeds, and different types of challenges every day.

What is the story behind RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

The story is set in a distant future, devastated by the invasion of Dust. The player, as the last hope, plays beautiful music with cool heroes to restore the universe to its former appearance.

How can I stay updated on RhythmStar: Music Adventure?

You can follow RhythmStar on its official Facebook page, Twitter account, and community page.

How can I contact the RhythmStar: Music Adventure team?

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can reach out to the RhythmStar team at [email protected].

What permissions does RhythmStar: Music Adventure request?

RhythmStar requests the permission to read external storage in order to upload images or videos to the community.
I love it to be honest, there is no problem for me, I like the beats of every music, keep up the good work, I hope there will be more songs in a next update
Just started playing and it's so cute and fun. I love the remixed renditions of classical music and the game gives you a ton of stuff up front to get you started. It's the most well designed rhythm game I've...
Diane Kohler
I love this game, all characters are so adorable, even if summoning them costs 🌹🌹🌹
A Google user
Addict to it
Vinanco Kwan
My experience was amazing we can talk with bots if we complete chapters it's a real music video game I realized the more I played better heros I get and harder difficulty every level I compete I love all cha...
salvadorians warrior master