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About SuperStar JYPNATION

Exciting new music game with your favorite artists from JYP ENTERTAINMENT!
Make your favorite artist the best K-POP Star with SUPERSTAR JYPNATION!

- 24 group artists from JYP ENTERTAINMENT
- Play 270+ songs from JYP ENTERTAINMENT’s artists!
- 660+ cards to collect
- Weekly Ranking, Best Record for each song, and many more competitions inside

▶Main Features◀
- CardBook system added. Check your own cards.
- 3 different levels of difficulty for each song (EASY/NORMAL/HARD)
- Star cards that can be collected and equipped to improve the abilities
- Weekly Ranking, which is determined by sum of the top 5 scored songs
- Weekly highest scores to determine your class rank
- Compete against new players in the same tier every week
- My Best Record and Global Best Record for each song
- Enhance your Star Cards to Power Up and Upgrade them for more points!

▶Featured Artists◀
J.Y. Park
Wonder Girls
miss A
JJ Project
Baek A Yeon
Stray Kids
[Access Permission Rights For Smart Device App]

SUPERSTAR JYPNATION hereby asks you to grant permission to access specific apps in smart devices to provide the Service as set forth in these Terms of Service.

*Required Access Rights*
Picture (Photos / Gallery) / Video / File : To save a game data
Read, Record and Save at External Storage : To save sound source data cache and game options
Device ID and Call Information : Advertising Tracking Research and Token Generation For The Push Notification
Wi-Fi Connection Information : To send a message about Wi-Fi connection when there is an additional data download
ID : Required for 'User Account Generation and Check'

[Access Permission Revoke]
Settings > SUPERSTAR JYP > Access Agree or Access Revoke

※ Visual Setting
If you experience lags in the game you can change your visual setting. "My Info" - "Graphic Option" - Check "Low Resolution" for better performance!

※ To run SUPERSTAR JYPNATION, Android version should be at least 4.1 or later.

※ If you have any inquiries or require any further information, please contact us at.
E-MAIL: [email protected]
Call : +82 070-4287-1522

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SuperStar JYPNATION?

SuperStar JYPNATION is an exciting music game featuring artists from JYP ENTERTAINMENT. Players can make their favorite artist the best K-POP star in the game.

How many group artists are included in SuperStar JYPNATION?

SuperStar JYPNATION includes 24 group artists from JYP ENTERTAINMENT.

How many songs can be played in SuperStar JYPNATION?

There are over 270 songs from JYP ENTERTAINMENT's artists that can be played in SuperStar JYPNATION.

How many cards can be collected in SuperStar JYPNATION?

There are over 660 cards to collect in SuperStar JYPNATION.

What are the main features of SuperStar JYPNATION?

The main features of SuperStar JYPNATION include the CardBook system, three levels of difficulty for each song, star cards that can be collected and equipped, weekly rankings and competitions, and more.

How can I improve the abilities of my star cards in SuperStar JYPNATION?

You can enhance your star cards to power up and upgrade them for more points in SuperStar JYPNATION.

Who are some of the featured artists in SuperStar JYPNATION?

Some of the featured artists in SuperStar JYPNATION include J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, Sunmi, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, JJ Project, Baek A Yeon, 15&, GOT7, DAY6, TWICE, Stray Kids, YUBIN, and ITZY.

What access permission rights does SuperStar JYPNATION require on smart devices?

SuperStar JYPNATION requires access to specific apps on smart devices for purposes such as saving game data, accessing external storage, generating push notifications, and user account generation and check.

How can I change the visual setting in SuperStar JYPNATION?

To change the visual setting in SuperStar JYPNATION, go to "My Info" and select "Graphic Option". You can check "Low Resolution" for better performance if you experience lags in the game.

What are the minimum requirements to run SuperStar JYPNATION on Android devices?

To run SuperStar JYPNATION, the Android version should be at least 4.1 or later.

How can I contact support for SuperStar JYPNATION?

If you have any inquiries or require further information, you can contact support through email at [email protected] or call +82 070-4287-1522.
i can't open the app
A Google user
Can you please fix it I tap perfectly but it came out all the way good... it can't capture my hands, after I have problems with this game can't go in, as its blank screen. I try deleting. And after I downloa...
Thank you because this app is very entertaining me.
CyraxLeigh Aoi
i love twice
Danish Zulkifli
Best rhythmic game I've played!
Djem Andreif Reyes
Please can give more gems,i need so i can do better in the games
Niks Kho