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About Easy Offset

Easy Offset is an easy to use program designed for Sheet Metal Workers that calculates cut joints, ell centerlines, and overall lengths for offsets of any angle. Just enter basic dimensions and the app will do the rest. 

Save time and money:

-faster than using a calculator 

-improved accuracy

-no multipliers or trig formulas to remember

-reduces error

-minimize cutting in the field and wasted material

-use any angle

-useful for layout and detailing 

 -Compound offsets are calculated automatically.

-Arc lengths have been added showing how much to roll fittings for a given angle.

Types of Offsets:

-ells with any radius or angle for round pipe 

-ells with radius heel and throat for rectangular duct

-ells with straight heel and throat 
for rectangular duct
-tap on an angle 
for round pipe
-rolled ninety
 degree ells
-wye branches for round pipe and rectangular duct

Doing these calculations by hand can be time consuming and difficult. This app will make it easier.

For the HVAC industry.

I am a sheet metal worker with over 18 years in the field. Other than the bottom task bar being cut off slightly, this app saves me a ton of time. I'm recommending it to all my coworkers.
Rich Ratchford
Great great app. Bottom line. I love it!
adrian Aguilar
I love this app but it doesn't fit on the screen anymore. The bottom tabs are covered. Can we get a round to oval converter?
Marcus Stratton