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About Pocketdols

The one and only platform that breaks down the barriers of time & language.

We’ve been wondering how
Our messages could reach each other across the seas,
And not break even a single heart on the wall of languages.

So, it was born
In the name of POCKETDOLS

Needs to be simple.
As authentic as one heart.

POCKETDOLS has only one aim.
To reach the moment, the feeling, the artist you want, right away.

Now, end your waiting with just one touch.

The way you want, with our group colors
A shared space for you to be active, be free & to decorate – FEED

The stories I want to whisper to the night
That moment I became a fan, etc.
A secret letter for my artist alone– SECRET MAIL

We don’t accept cancellations for monthly payment products in the 1st month of membership.
Please check the Terms of Use before using the service.

Inquiry : [email protected]

This app is amazing ❤
Maria Inês
this so good
Hi pocketdols i can't l register even though my email and my password is correct :<
Simone Sultan