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About CHOEAEDOL Celeb – Korean Star Ranks

[💓An app for Celebrity lovers ‘CHOEAEDOL Celeb’]
Gather here if you are a Korean Celeb lover.
You can see the ranks of Korean actors, singers, and entertainers at once.
Also, you can communicate with the fandom by sharing pictures, gifs, videos.

[⏰Check out the ranks at a glance! Real-time votes every day]
- Vote hearts to your Celeb and make him/her rank No.1.
- Real-time votes and rankings that you can check out at a glance.
- Ranking battles reset every day! Come vote every day.

[💬Real-time chats- TV Talk]
- Chat with the other fans of a program in real-time.
- “What? That is not the suspect?? Then who is? What a cliffhanger!”

[📅Celeb schedule push]
- Level up and write your celeb’s schedule on your hand.
- Share the schedule within the fandom and get push alarms provided by CHOEAEDOL-Celeb.

[🖼Community header designed by fans]
- If your square sized picture becomes the No.1 post in your celeb’s community (when it gets the most votes), it becomes the profile picture of the celeb.
- No.1,2,3 pictures become the community header and hanged on the top of the community.
- Make your header and make your celeb known to other fans.

[🏆Hall of Frame, HOF]
- Rank your celeb higher every day and make them be on the HOF list.

⭐Major Celebs⭐
[Major Shows on CHOEAEDOL Celeb]
Miss Trot, Mister Trot, Running Man, Knowing Bros, I live alone, Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class. Hi Bye, Mama!

[Major Celebs on CHOEAEDOL Celeb]
Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Kwangsoo, Kim Jongkook, Pengsoo, Park Narae, Jang Doyeon
Song Gain, Yang Joonil, Im Youngung, Lee Chanwon
Hyunbin, Park Seojoon, Song Joongki, Park Bogum, Jung Haein, Do Kyungsoo(EXO D.O.), Gong Yoo, Cha Eunwoo
Son Yejin, Jeon Somin, Seo Hyunjin, IU, Bae Suzy, Song Jihyo, Lee Sungkyung, Yoona

Email: [email protected]

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[💓An app for Celebrity lovers ‘CHOEAEDOL Celeb’]Gather here if you are a...

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