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About Naver Whale Browser

Searching in easy and fast, Syncing to every devices, Blocking abusive ads.
Here is Naver Whale browser!

- Without making a new tab, you can search and use website on instant panel.

- Swipe on bottom toolbar. QuickBar is like a bookmark bar on desktop browser.

- You can save the website, images you want into Whale.
- Scrapbook is the most easy way to save and re-visit the website.

- When you sign in Whale, you can sync your data like history, bookmarks on every devices.

- Whale blocks abusive ads to make a fast and clean usage a web.

Learn more about Naver Whale
- Contact us through [email protected]
- Please visit us :
- This is the from for whale, let us know your opinion :

※ Required Permission Info
- Microphone : Use for voice input and searching
- Location : Share location with a website when you want only. Whale never use, collect, share your location information without your permission
- Storage : Use for download the file from website or upload to website
- Call : Use for call through the website when you want
- Camera, photos : Use for image search, and download photos for website

Privacy Policy
You can read privacy policy of Whale browser :

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Naver Whale Browser?

Naver Whale Browser is a web browser that offers easy and fast searching, syncing across devices, and blocks abusive ads.

What is QuickSearch in Naver Whale Browser?

QuickSearch allows you to search and use websites without opening a new tab.

What is QuickBar in Naver Whale Browser?

QuickBar is a bookmark bar located on the bottom toolbar that allows for quick access to websites.

What is Scrapbook in Naver Whale Browser?

Scrapbook is a feature that allows you to save websites and images for easy access and revisit.

How does syncing work in Naver Whale Browser?

When you sign in to Naver Whale Browser, your data like history and bookmarks will sync across all devices.

What is CleanWeb in Naver Whale Browser?

CleanWeb is a feature that blocks abusive ads to ensure a fast and clean web browsing experience.

How can I learn more about Naver Whale Browser?

You can contact the Whale team through [email protected] or visit their website at You can also share your opinion on their forum at

What permissions does Naver Whale Browser require?

Naver Whale Browser may require permissions for microphone, location, storage, call, camera, and photos. These permissions are used for voice input, searching, sharing location with websites, file downloads and uploads, call features, image search, and downloading photos for websites.

Where can I find the privacy policy of Naver Whale Browser?

You can read the privacy policy of Naver Whale Browser at
Now that the tablet version is also out, amazing app thats chromium based (at least on PC) and has all the features and cross-platform features of a modern browser.
Jun Hyun Bang
Very good app. Please enable adblocker...!!!
🆒 This app is really nice and smooth and combined with black theme it becomes very unique ✓
Rick Stylus
Hello whale team! You made a great browser and I love it. I don't want to change my browser anymore because I trust your team about my personal data. But there is one problem. Chromium 74 is outdated and has...
Mohammad Karkheyran
Certified Interface It's Clean And Packed With Features at the Same Time Better Then Chrome And The Old Firefox Idk about the new Firefox yet I like ff preview so far
Where have you been!!!???!!! Very good browser, best of the Chromium browsers that I have tried!