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About My Moontime Period Tracker

“An amazing tool designed for all women! Using the moon to help guide you through the various phases of your cycle for a better understanding of why we feel the way we do at any given day is a tool that we - most females - have been waiting for!” -Susan3smith

Life might be one big mystery -- but your cycles don’t have to be.

It's great to get reminded when your period will most likely arrive. But now it's time to use your period to help fuel your life's dreams and aspirations. Or maybe just get you through the day :-) Now that's Period Power!

My Moontime 3.0 tracks your menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, and the female creative energy interplay between the two. There's a journal, body signals charting, and overall monthly calendar view to see all your information.

My Moontime is more than just a period tracker app. You’ll be able to track:
* Expected cycle dates
* Actual cycle dates
* Mid-cycle ovulation potential
* Hormonal phase potential
* Current moon phase
* Potential energetic relationship between you and the moon, every day!

Get insight on how to best utilize your own energy potential within these relationships, as well as an inspiring affirmation.

***/// IMPORTANT: If you're currently using My Moontime 2.0 - be sure to write down or screen shot all your cycle information you want to save. We've moved onto a new platform and the data will not transfer.///***

To contact My Moontime: website:
email: [email protected]

*** My Moontime does NOT SELL USER DATA and does not engage in ads. Free apps sell users data for profit. Free apps are actually not free. We are going an honest way and charging a nominal subscription base for this tool up front to allow this app to continue to grow honestly. We feel your private information should remain private, and want everyone to know why we are charging a subscription.

If money is an issue - there are many wonderful hardbound moon journals one can also purchase for $25+ (USD). These can be found online as well.

My Moontime’s terms of use:
My Moontime’s privacy policy:

Please visit for more detailed information on this app

*My Moontime App is not a medical device and should not be used as birth control. Please consult your licensed medical professional for any and all medical advice. The information contained within mymoontime app has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease and is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, supplement, exercise or other health program.

Your use of and/or visitation signifies your agreement to My Moontime's Terms of Use and My Moontime's Privacy Policy.

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Lisa Lister sent me here! #loveyourladylandscape
Tasha Holden
well I've only used it for about a month but I set my period dates and today was my period start day and it was right on the dot. started this morning. so I would definitely recommend if you want to track yo...
Sonny Walter
Well I started to install this app when I have period I know what to do now and how long is it
Madie Heathcote
This is the PERFECT period app. It's holistic and helps me actually get to know and honor my cycle instead of just trying to get through it. There's space for free journaling as well as recording your mood, ...
Chelsea Hollingsworth
Not what I expected. On the website it shows a screen where you can input your mood, sugar cravings, stress level, breakouts, body tenderness, intercourse, etc. I love what this app does have, but I'm lookin...
K Mayls
Accurate that is all I ask THANK YOU NOW I AM ALWAYS ON TIME
Nakia Orn