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About Zintego - Invoice Maker

Zintego is a simple invoice app, aimed at quick sending of invoices to your clients.

Zintego is an easy to use invoice maker that is designed for small business owners, freelancers, and contractors. Download this online invoice generator on your mobile device to create, send and track invoices. This software for billing helps you get paid faster as it allows you to manage your payments on the go. Use it today to check receipt templates and invoice examples. Create and submit a quote or a free invoice before you leave your client.

This invoice generator is used to create an unlimited amount of invoices. Be a real professional in your business, use invoice creator today to send your first free invoices today!

Zintego features

• Create invoices & estimates for products and services offered
• Send invoices & estimates to customers
• Convert estimates into invoices in just a few seconds at the touch of a button
• Customize the invoice template according to your needs (including invoice fields)
• Add invoice terms of payment (30 days, 14 days, etc.)
• Add discounts and taxes on goods and/or total amount
• Adjust your company logo on invoice templates
• Use built-in PDF invoice maker to create PDF invoices & estimates;
• Make use of messaging apps or emails to text your invoices & estimates
• Attach images to your invoices & estimates
• Receive alerts when your invoices or estimates have been read
• Keep track of your income due to using the built-in billing report
• Configure clients from your phone contact list
• Make receipts with the help of the pre-built receipt maker template

6 Reason to choose & use Zintego

1. Develop your business by making modern and customizable invoices that will add value to you as a professional and seriousness to your business.
2. Create and send invoices quickly. Use the free invoice generator and save your precious time.
3. Customize invoice format and invoice example by using the simple billing software. Stay loose.
4. Create invoices and estimates on the go. Text, email, and/or print your PDF invoices in any convenient time.
5. Increase your income easily by accepting debit & credit cards, checks & cash.
6. Keep pace with the new technologies. Use the easiest and most modern, and quick application to move your business forward.

Zintego is the most modern, safest and easy-to-use app designed to create professional invoices, estimates, and quotes. Combining invoice generator, templates, PDF invoices, online payment business reporting in one software, it’s the best choice for developing your small business.

P.S. If you like our app, we’ll be grateful if you rate us high. As your assistance matters much in conducting our mission to provide fast, free, and professional invoicing in the modern world to develop one’s business. Thank you for using Zintego!

Feel welcome to contact us via [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Zintego designed for?

Zintego is designed for small business owners, freelancers, and contractors.

What can you do with Zintego?

With Zintego, you can create, send, and track invoices. You can also create and submit quotes or free invoices.

How many invoices can I create with Zintego?

You can create an unlimited amount of invoices with Zintego.

What features does Zintego offer?

Zintego offers features such as creating invoices and estimates, sending invoices and estimates to customers, converting estimates into invoices, customizing invoice templates, adding invoice terms of payment, adding discounts and taxes, adjusting company logo on invoice templates, using a built-in PDF invoice maker, texting invoices and estimates, attaching images to invoices and estimates, receiving read alerts for invoices and estimates, keeping track of income with billing reports, configuring clients from your phone contact list, and making receipts with receipt maker templates.

Why should I choose and use Zintego?

There are six reasons to choose and use Zintego: it helps develop your business by creating modern and customizable invoices, it saves time with a free invoice generator, it allows you to customize invoice format and examples, it enables you to create invoices and estimates on the go, it helps increase income by accepting various payment methods, and it keeps you up to date with new technologies.

How does Zintego improve small businesses?

Zintego is a modern, safe, and easy-to-use app that combines invoice generation, templates, PDF invoices, online payment, and business reporting. It is designed to help develop small businesses.

How can I contact Zintego for support?

You can contact Zintego via email at [email protected].
This app is super easy to use and I am very glad I came across it when I was looking for an appropriate app to write invoices through that is super simple! ~Two thumbs way up
Brendo Ayan
It's Easy in Use and very useful and time saving app for making invoice online . 100% recommended
Sheikh Shoaib
Good apps invoice making
Muhammad Ehsan Bhorvi
Just needed a short term option to send out an invoice for a client. App is very smooth to use and done within minutes. So fast. It helps me so much. Thank you so much.
Desti Jillia
Awesome app. I have used it for years and it has helped grow my business. As a contractor I have been able to give bids in a professional manner along with detailed breakdowns within minutes. Strongly recomm...
Brenda Ayde
One Of The Best App. that I Used In My Recent Time. Great Effort 👍
Ab Sf