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About MonsterEater (Idle RPG)

I’m a warrior of a parallel universe from falling into a sink hole?
My power is... transforming into monsters? No, I want to go back!

A new battle is emerging! Incremental RPG of monster transformation

A new game by MafGames, the creator of original incremental RPGs [Retro hero - Mr.Kim] and [Game is Bugged]
[Monster Eater] is here!

We are recruiting warriors to save the parallel universe on the brink of the apocalypse with Hongsik who can transform into monsters.

■ Incremental RPG
Awesome free work!
Hongsik works nonstop in the parallel universe even with the game turned off!
Have fun growing your character without even trying!

■ Link Characters
I beccam posssesd...
Collect gauges to transform into powerful link monsters!
Create different strategies depending on the combination of skills of various monsters!

■ Pixel Art
The thought of drawing each dot is impressive...
Apocalypse in a parallel universe drawn with dots! Experience a retro-style game!

■ Themed Dungeons
Plenty of rewards in Eater Bank, Eater Market, and Equipment Dungeon!
You can easily obtain gold, EXP, equipment, and materials for upgrades!

■ Souls
My soul is surging☆
Highly efficient additional stat! Meet the stronger Hongsik by summoning souls!

■ Level Up
Is it time to wake up the black dragon in me?
Get powerful stats by leveling up from Iron to Challenger!

[Customer Service]
- [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

MonsterEater (Idle RPG) is an incremental RPG game created by MafGames. In the game, players take on the role of a warrior from a parallel universe and have the ability to transform into monsters.

Can I play MonsterEater (Idle RPG) for free?

Yes, MonsterEater (Idle RPG) is a free-to-play game. Players can enjoy the game and grow their characters without spending any money.

How does the monster transformation mechanic work in MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

By collecting gauges, players can transform into powerful link monsters in MonsterEater (Idle RPG). The combination of skills from different monsters allows players to create different strategies.

What is the art style of MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

MonsterEater (Idle RPG) features pixel art, where the parallel universe apocalypse is depicted using dots. It gives the game a retro-style feel.

Are there different themed dungeons in MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

Yes, MonsterEater (Idle RPG) has themed dungeons such as Eater Bank, Eater Market, and Equipment Dungeon. Players can explore these dungeons and obtain rewards like gold, EXP, equipment, and materials for upgrades.

How can I enhance my character in MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

In MonsterEater (Idle RPG), players can enhance their character by summoning souls, which provide highly efficient additional stats. Additionally, leveling up from Iron to Challenger will also grant powerful stats.

How can I contact customer service for MonsterEater (Idle RPG)?

You can reach the MonsterEater (Idle RPG) customer service team by sending an email to [email protected]. They will assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have.
Ronnie Harris
Superb Game Excellent Well done Thats a musthave Game very fun to manage everything in it thats a lot of stuff i will start to play everyday on this game for sure !!!
Dukemos Nukemus
I've played a lot of mobile games and this one is truly a great game
Lord VulkrenGaming