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About Prison Life Tycoon - Idle Game

Our Dev team is working to provide additional stages through next Friday.

Did you find the Tycoon game? It's right here!
Simulation Tycoon, keeping criminals in prison and rehabilitating them into new people!

Manage prisoners and run prisons to make money. It may be a one-story prison at first, but if you run it a little bit, you'll soon be able to expand to the higher floors for strategic operations!

Even when you are not connected, You keep working as a prison guard like a idle tycoon. Even if you're away for a while, prison guards still working hard on the inmates, so don't worry!

Simulation of prisoner edification

We need to go through the edification process in order to edify the prisoners who are in prison! Upgrade the gym, labor, and meditation rooms. Correct prisoners behavior and appearance through various curriculum. Throughout the whole edification process, the vicious prisoners will be able to live a new life.

The employment of prison guards

Try to hire the right employee as a prison guard. We need a suitable employment strategy for each edifying facility. It's a prison, but prison guards have different characteristics! Hair designer who designs hair, fashion designer who changes clothes, and fighter who correct behavior! Try strategically hiring a variety of prison guards and placing them in each rooms.

Prison revenue generation Tycoon.

Passing through each edify facility in the prison increases the value of prisoners. To secure many facilities, expand the prison further and build various edifying facilities. The value of prisoners who went through the facility will increase and you make more money. Re-invest your earned money and increase the value of the prison!

If you like Tycoon games and casual games, enjoy Prison Life Tycoon now!

The strategic choice will allow the prison to become more active and edify more prisoners. Prison need the power of the warden to create a just society! Experience Prison Life Tycoon, the perfect prison operation casual idle game.

Prison Life Tycoon includes advertising products that can help you play games faster.

The casual prison idle tycoon game we explained so far does not require an Internet connection.

Make this prison, inmates and casual game world justice with a strategic approach!

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Patricia R Mouser
Love this game . After a certain point my progress is reset . Literally starts me at the tutorial with no way to skip . This is the second time and it's terribly frustrating starting again . Please help .
Mara Otero-Hill
love the game
Allie Bowker
different than the other idle games which u want cuz it makes it unique
Curly G
Prison Life Much Exciting 5*****s Game 🎮
Hulie Williams
Had an initial issue with app but developers were able to correct it immediately
William Isabell