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About Lonofi - Relaxing Sounds to sleep focus & meditate

Hey guys, we’re developing an app to help you create your own relaxing ambience to help you sleep, focus, or meditate.

Our app is in beta version. We are working hard to improve it every day, but you might experience some bugs or issues. If so, we would love your feedback to help us make it better.

*Features (please note that this pre-release version does not yet offer full functionality):*

- Browse a wide library of ambiences specifically made by the community to help you sleep, focus, relax or even meditate.

- Listen for as long as you like to the ambience of your choice, and customize it on the fly at any instant.

- Create your own personal ambience in just a few steps, and post the result to share it with Lonofi's community -- or don't, if you prefer to keep it just yours.

*Sound Library*

Lonofi has more than 450 relaxing sounds and instruments you can combine to create your own sleep sounds, nature sounds, ambient music, chill-out music or even tabletop audio

Natural sounds

- Rain sounds (rain, thunder, storm)
- Sea sound
- Forest & Rainforest

Animal sounds

- Large choice of animal sounds of all kind
- More than 30 different bird songs
- Rare mammals such as howler honkeys, apes, lynx or even hippopotamus


- Ambient music
- Chill out music
- Instrumental music
- Study music
- Traditional instruments
- Flutes (Duduk, Fujara…)
- Drums & bowls (Bongo, tibetain bowls, gong, wind chimes
- Strings (sitar, tambura, shamisen, santur, guqin…)

Sound effects

- Sci-Fi ambiences (spaceships, flying cars…)
- Medieval ambiences (market place, castle siege…

Sleep sounds

- Soothing sounds
- Domestic sounds
- White noise
- Blue noise
- Pink noise
- Brown noise

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I love this app!
Bryan Kelly
AMAZING!! Great for any occasion; sleep, indoor adventure, meditation. Just everything! 11/20/20 update-there seems to be a glitch in your audio, guys. It's jumpy and scratchy all of a sudden. Anyway still l...
TM Wolf
This app helped me sleep at night it help with my anxiety,depression and my anger issues,i feel really clam when i'm listening to this.Thank you so much😁😁😍😍🥺🥰
That_one Reason