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About Code the Robot. Save the Cat

“Code the Robot. Save the Cat” is a fun and educational game used to learn the basics of programming and logic. Explore actions, loops, functions and conditions.

Play and learn, as you unlock levels, you'll also unlock new elements to help develop your logical thinking. Have fun with little bits of humor on the side and meet new friends: the cat and the robot.

With "Code the Robot. Save the Cat" you can play and learn freely, without feeling any pressure or stress. Think, act, observe, ask questions and find the answers. Have fun moving the robot forward, spinning it and making moves to reach the cat and save it.

But... Are you absolutely sure the cat wants to be saved? Every time you get to the cat he slips away and goes further: you will have to go all the way to solve the mystery. Play on five different islands and dozens of levels with continuously increasing difficulty.

CREATE YOUR OWN MAPS AND CHALLENGES! Become an expert programmer and create and share your own levels. Parents and teachers can also create challenges for your children or students.


• Helps develop logical thinking.
• Easy and intuitive scenarios, with interfaces that appeal to children.
• Dozens of levels distributed on five islands where you work with different programming concepts.
• Includes programming concepts such as loops, conditions, functions...
• Create levels and share them with other devices.
• Content for children ages 5 and up. It's a game for the whole family. Hours of fun.
• No ads.
• No in-app purchases or tricks of any kind.


At Learny Land, we love to play, and we believe that games must form part of the educational and growth stage of all children; because to play is to discover, explore, learn and have fun. Our educational games help children learn about the world around them and are designed with love. They are easy to use, beautiful and safe. Because boys and girls have always played to have fun and learn, the games we make - like the toys that last a lifetime - can be seen, played and heard.
At Learny Land we take advantage of the most innovative technologies and the most modern devices to take the experience of learning and playing a step further. We create toys that could not have existed when we were young.
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Kids live it
Yahya Al-Birrow
This is a wonderful game. There are so many "coding" games out there now, but this one actually teaches some fundamentals of programming for kids. Our 4.5 and 6 year olds picked it up and had no problem. It'...
Justin Munsters
This app is very fun for my 6 year old son and the coding is great and easy
Ana Salicdo