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About Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzles

Tap and Glow: Harmony app is very easy to play: take the line as reference to tap the squares and mirror the music notes. The squares will glow when you tap on them!
Anxiety antidote: The relax melodies created on Harmony are perfect to kill anxiety or OCD problems. In fact, Infinity Games are known by slowing player’s heartbeat after 10 levels played. Free of timers and other stress features, this game feels like a yoga session in paradise!
Different instruments: There are several instruments available on Harmony. You start with a piano, but you can go for a different melody later if you prefer wind instruments or string instruments.
Music, Maestro: Tapping the squares on the right tempo is the only thing you need to create smart music on this calm and minimalist IQ test. Can you play with different instruments?
Just like paradise: Like a mirror of relaxing sounds, the Harmony app provides you a calm IQ test to feed your soul and tease your brain. You must get the same look on both sides of the line. Just tap the right polygon and the shapes will glow!
Boss levels: Besides the classical music and the tacit IQ test present, the boss levels featured on the Harmony app will relax your soul! Check how many relax melodies can you create during a boss level! Music, Maestro!

Harmony: Relax Melodies is a smart music game reminiscent of guitar hero, where you must reflect the music notes by tapping the free squares. To be successful, you need to take the white line as reference and create a symmetry.

You will finish some levels in a heartbeat. Others will demand more concentration. Each tap will produce a minimalist melody, providing the illusion you are a real maestro!

Like guitar hero, you will feel like a real musician in paradise when you tap the music notes on the right tempo. The major difference between guitar hero and the Harmony app is the classical music: the relaxing sounds featured in the game are calm and minimalist.

Playing Harmony is very easy: just reflect each polygon and the symmetry will glow. If a polygon is three spaces on the right, you must tap an empty polygon three spaces on the left. Once you reflect every symmetry, the squares will glow and… it’s done!

By tapping the music notes on the right tempo, you will be the maestro of relax melodies. Merging the brain exercise of an IQ test and the slow heartbeat of a yoga session, we could say you are smartly relaxing.

Just look at it as a mirror: your brain will be pleased for each melody you reflect!

The chapter names are based on classical music composers – like Sibelius or Vivaldi – and each chapter has its own relaxing sounds palette. Each chapter will bring a different polygon, melody and symmetry. Your soul will rejoice with the 24 different relax melodies and more than minimalist 1000 levels! Vivaldi built his legacy with the Four Seasons, you can start yours with Harmony!

Feel free to activate your guitar hero mode and tap the music notes as fast as you can!
Go from mid tempo to up tempo! Music, Maestro!

The smart music combined with a calm IQ test will create a paradise environment. Players who suffer from anxiety or OCD problems praise our games. The Harmony app works as a yoga class and will keep you calm, slowing your heartbeat. The relaxing sounds and the guitar hero gameplay will numb your soul and help you dealing with anxiety or OCD, while you become a classical music maestro.

Harmony: Relax Melodies is a smart music odyssey through an abstract and a minimalist paradise, where tapping a polygon and reflect a symmetry is all you need to do to get rid of anxiety or OCD symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you play Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzles?

In Harmony, you need to tap the squares on the line to mirror the music notes and create symmetry.

What are the features of Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzles?

Harmony offers features such as easy gameplay, anxiety relief, different instruments to choose from, creating music with different tempos, and boss levels for relaxation.

Can Harmony help with anxiety or OCD problems?

Yes, playing Harmony can help alleviate anxiety or OCD problems by providing a calm and relaxing environment and slowing down the player's heartbeat.

Is Harmony similar to Guitar Hero?

Harmony has similarities to Guitar Hero, as both involve tapping music notes, but Harmony focuses on classical music and provides a minimalist and calming experience.

How many levels and melodies are available in Harmony?

Harmony offers over 1000 levels with 24 different relax melodies, each inspired by classical music composers.

Does playing Harmony require fast tapping?

While Harmony can be played at different tempos, it does not require fast tapping. The goal is to create symmetry and reflect the music notes accurately.

Can Harmony be used as an IQ test?

Yes, Harmony combines brain exercise with its IQ test elements, challenging players to create symmetry and match the music notes.

How does Harmony create a paradise environment?

Harmony's relaxing sounds, calm gameplay, and minimalist design contribute to creating a paradise-like environment, helping players unwind and relax.

Is Harmony suitable for people with anxiety or OCD?

Harmony is recommended for individuals who suffer from anxiety or OCD problems, as it provides a calming and soothing experience that can help alleviate symptoms.

Can players choose different instruments in Harmony?

Yes, players can start with a piano, but they can later choose wind instruments or string instruments to create different melodies.
Its pretty cool
Letitia Caisse
Really calming and enjoyable <3
Genuinely much beautiful game
Harsh kumar singh
Very peaceful :)
Lyn Mattox
I love it very relaxing。◕‿◕。
Chrisallyn Bañez
A beautifully sounding game. Puzzles are fun, the choice of instruments is nice, and I love it's atmosphere.
Tiffany Good