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About Railways

Do you have a refined taste for games?
Are you searching for the ultimate immersive experience in mobile games?
Why do you pour the milk before the cereal? Ouch, wrong chat.

If you answered positively to the first two questions, Railways will certainly suit your interests. From the makers of Traffix, Railways is a simulation game where you have trains, passengers and railways. Your goal is to move the trains strategically between the tracks, picking up the passengers and preventing crashes. Your mission is complete when you collect all the passengers.

Mind the gap and start managing your railways!

To manage the trains like a master, you have to learn how to:
- Stop a train for a limited time with a single tap;
- Drag the train to create a new track;
- Automatically pick up nearby passengers and fill the trains;
- Avoid running over passengers when changing the route;
- Prevent crashes between trains.

Railways features minimalist and artistic elements merged in an immersive experience where the perks of a train trip are emphasized: astonishing landscapes observed at slow pace. Each level will bring a new challenge to the track, more chaos and of course clever moves from your side. All aboard! This train is ready to depart!

How much time can you keep the trains moving? Find out now!

This new game by Infinity Games is a magnificent train simulator where patience is a virtue. In order to succeed, you need to wait for the right moment and use your skills to drag the trains from one railway to another. You know that you will lose if the trains collide but you also know that you have all the time in the world to make a smart move. Furthermore, you can also stop the trains for a while.

If you have the patience of a monk, you will have a great time with Railways!
If you are an impatient person, you can use Railways to improve those skills!

- Premium look and artistic features: you will not just play a mobile game. You will behold a masterpiece!
- Immersive gameplay: after a couple of levels, you will find yourself absorbed by Railways imaginary world.
- Curated levels crafted by train conductors: Railways levels were designed by train conductors with +10 years of experience.
- Multiple achievements to conquer: picking up the passengers is just the beginning.
- Smooth difficulty curve

Did you know that 0% of players passed level 1?
That is because at the date I am writing this text the game is not yet released.

Infinity Games aims to provide the best game experience within its titles. We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing and having fun.

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Best game
swayam atkar
Many hours of fun. Addictive. Easy, achievable, achievements (no grinding involved). If you keep losing, take a break and then you'll pass it immediately. The levels are fun with increasing amounts of comple...
Raul Nigli
Loved the game, its just a shame that there is so few levels as I could keep on playing!
Izabela Baniulis