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About MacrosFirst - Macro tracking made easy

MacrosFirst is the most powerful and easiest to use macro tracker available.

Whether you practice flexible dieting, meal prepping, IIFYM, keto, RP, or any lifestyle that’s all about tracking and optimizing your macros, MacrosFirst has you covered.

Come see for yourself why tens of thousands of people have made the switch from other apps to MacrosFirst!

What makes MacrosFirst the best?

⭑ Thoughtful, intuitive app design that makes tracking your macros a joy.
⭑ Massive Food Database - Search 5+ million foods by name or barcode scan.
⭑ Unlimited Custom Daily Meals - Track your daily macros in as many daily meals as you like.
⭑ Automatically calculate each food's serving size according to your macro objective for that food.
⭑ Create Unlimited Custom Foods, Meals, & Recipes
⭑ No Data, No Problem - MacrosFirst works offline so you can track your macros wherever you are.
⭑ Macro Calculator - Whether you're getting started with macros or you need to set a new goal given your progress, our macro calculator is here to help.

Want even more features?

MacrosFirst Premium is a subscription that unlocks the ultimate macro management experience.

⭑ Different Daily Macro Goals - Schedule custom macro goals for any day of the week each containing its own set of custom meals.
⭑ Export Meal History - Download Excel exports of your daily meal history including complete food detail.
⭑ Save Day and Meal Notes - Take notes on your daily log or per meal.
⭑ Track Water Intake - Ensure you're staying hydrated by recording your daily water intake.
⭑ Net Carb Tracking - Automatically deduct fiber and sugar alcohols from your carbs.
⭑ Create Extra Daily Meals - Need to log that unplanned snack? No problem! Create unlimited meals on your daily log that do not repeat.
⭑ VIP Customer Support - Requests from Premium subscribers are given top priority, 7 days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MacrosFirst?

MacrosFirst is a macro tracking app that helps you track and optimize your macros for flexible dieting, meal prepping, and other lifestyle choices.

Why is MacrosFirst considered the best?

MacrosFirst is considered the best due to its thoughtful and intuitive app design, massive food database, unlimited custom daily meals, automatic serving size calculation, creation of unlimited custom foods, meals, and recipes, offline functionality, and a macro calculator to help set goals.

Are there additional features available with MacrosFirst Premium?

Yes, MacrosFirst Premium offers additional features such as different daily macro goals, the ability to export meal history, saving day and meal notes, tracking water intake, net carb tracking, creating extra daily meals, and VIP customer support with top priority for Premium subscribers.

How can MacrosFirst help with tracking macros?

MacrosFirst provides a user-friendly interface to track and manage your macros, allowing you to easily input and monitor your macro intake throughout the day.

Can MacrosFirst work offline?

Yes, MacrosFirst works offline, allowing you to track your macros wherever you are, even without an internet connection.

Can I customize my macro goals with MacrosFirst?

Yes, MacrosFirst allows you to schedule custom macro goals for any day of the week, each with its own set of custom meals, helping you tailor your nutrition plan according to your needs and preferences.

Is there a way to track water intake with MacrosFirst?

Yes, MacrosFirst includes a feature to track your daily water intake, helping you ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

How does MacrosFirst handle net carbs?

MacrosFirst automatically deducts fiber and sugar alcohols from your carb count, allowing you to track net carbs more accurately.

What are the benefits of MacrosFirst Premium subscription?

MacrosFirst Premium subscription unlocks additional features such as exporting meal history, saving day and meal notes, tracking water intake, creating extra daily meals, and receiving VIP customer support with top priority.

Can I get support as a MacrosFirst Premium subscriber?

Yes, MacrosFirst provides VIP customer support to Premium subscribers, with their requests given top priority, available 7 days a week.
Finally found a perfect app that allows to put grams for your own macro calculations.
Oksana S.
can't wait to use.
James Edmond Smith
It would be nice to be able to have different accounts and switch users.
maria karasouli
I really have loved this app so far! It took some figuring out, but now I've got it. The only problem I have is figuring out how to delete a food I no longer want.
Best Free Macro Tracker ive used hands down. Simple layout(especially after the updated interface) easy to add and save foods. I just track fat, protien, and carbs. So i dont use the extra features, making t...
Kyle Jones
Best free macro tracker I have tried! I'm 4 days in and this thing makes it easy to track your meals I mean super easy! It's also really cool to see the actual totals you are putting in your body!
Nate Leach