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About Language courses - Gymglish

Gymglish creates fun, personalized online language courses:
English, Spanish, German, French lessons and more. Our goal: your motivation, participation and progress. Over 5,000,000 users worldwide.

A DAILY PUSH. Your lessons will be sent directly via email or app making lessons easily accessible. There’s no need to remember passwords and logins, meaning you’re more likely to stay on track.

MICROLEARNING. Short, consistent training achieves better results than intensive, long training. It only takes 15 minutes per day to improve your English (in a lasting way).

MOTIVATION. With a diversity of content, Gymglish motivates and encourages its users to continue their progress by making e-learning as fun as possible. Our content is designed to be enjoyed!

ADAPTIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY. Our AI software adapts each lesson to the needs and level of the learner. They receive personalized content, explanations and corrections to make sure every minute is well spent. They can also handpick vocabulary to review in the future.

MEMORIZATION. We take into account the impact of time and forgetfulness on the learning process. To optimize long-term memorization and makes sure revision is as effective as possible, we define different time intervals for reviewing specific points.

A STORY. Learning a language isn't simply learning a list of words or a set of rules - language is also culture. For each one of our language courses (English lessons, French lessons, Spanish lessons, German lessons, etc.), we include diverse characters and personalities, various accents, professional and personal situations, all with a touch of humor. Using humor in our storytelling not only motivates the learner and stimulates memorization, but also addresses the great number of different ways we communicate, work and live together.

CERTIFICATION. Once you’ve completed at least six months of lessons, you’ll receive a diploma detailing your level, progress and participation rate. You'll also see information about your past progress and future revision needs.

Language courses: Our rating in the App Store & Play Store is 4,6.


Gymglish is a simple, fun and efficient learning method. There’s no use developing wonderful educational tools if they aren’t used. Founded in 2004, Gymglish creates online adaptive language courses. We are a team of 50 people (20 nationalities and 25 languages spoken) passionate about languages ​​and innovation. Our goal is to offer effective digital education to learners worldwide, a more enjoyable user experience with better knowledge retention. More than 5 million users around the world have worked with us from private learners, to students to professionals. We deliver training that leads to certification, based on a continuous evaluation process.

Gymglish is developed in its entirety by A9 SAS Gymglish.

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Adoro quest'app!! Erano mesi che cercavo di riprendere a studiare francese e non riuscivo a trovare un corso motivante. Sono felicissima di aver trovato Frantastique! Mi ha incuriosito il tono umoristico e s...
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