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About Basketball Rivals: Sports Game

Are you a fan of sports game? Is the adrenaline of a LIVE match on your list of favorites? Are you a fighter and want to become a CHAMPION?

In that case, you wouldn’t want to miss our brand new multiplayer game - 🏀BASKETBALL RIVALS, inspired by our mobile game Football Rivals - one of our favorites.

So… it’s time to get the crowds roaring in the arenas! What are you waiting for?


Get ready for an adrenaline rush with and against other real basketball fans, just like you!
Join a team, lead it to success and turn it into the most feared opponents on any basketball court.

Make sure your team has the best strategy in place to defeat your next rivals. And the most important thing: don’t forget that in Basketball Rivals, teamwork helps you SCORE!


Team up with friends and experience something different from the usual basketball games you play.
No matter what basketball team you support, here is the place where you can meet other fans that share the same passion as yours, talk to them, make strategies and become Champions together.


Spin cards and gain valuable skill, attack your rivals, score and WIN!
Collect shields to defend against rival attacks, and help your friends and teammates by sending them gifts!

Even though it's really easy to play, the feeling you get during the LIVE matches played against other real people is incredible. Being ACTIVE, especially during the live match, is an essential part.

So, you need to be there for your teammates, no matter what!


Play in your League and win glory and rewards at the end of the road! Victory is yours for the taking!

Winning the Competition will give a Trophy that will be added to your Player and Team Profile, so that others can know what you’re capable of.


Climb up the leaderboards and be among the top teams!
Each basketball clash and trophy won will award you valuable prizes and great rewards.


• Join a Team: collaborate, make strategies and play basketball matches with other real people;
• Spin cards and get skill/bag of skill, possession, energy, shields, and last, but not least, jump shot mini-games;
• Team chat: socialize with your teammates and get pumped for the next big match;
• League matches - participate with your team in simplified basketball matches against other teams; attack opponents and put the ball in the basket, help your teammates & friends with gifts, level up and become the hero of your team;
• Enjoy beautiful graphics, crisp animations and realistic scores.


You can connect your social media account to find your friends easily and make new ones! Join the Basketball Rivals online community on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and stay updated with contests, new features, releases, and news!

Basketball Rivals is free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money.
A network connection is required to play! For now, a Facebook account is also necessary in order to play.

For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, contact us at: 📩[email protected]

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