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About Astonishing Basketball Manager 21- Simulator Game

Astonishing Basketball is a basketball management game for your smartphone or tablet. Become the manager of your own basketball team and lead your players to the ultimate reward: becoming the best coach and winning the Basketball Cup!

Astonishing Basketball is not your usual sports simulation game. It's not only about stats and ratings. It's not just trading players and signing free agents. In Astonishing Basketball, you're writing your own life story with one goal in mind: win the Cup. But the road to victory is not an easy one!

*Play offline, whenever you want, wherever you want, as much as you want! Play the game on the road, slam dunk during your lunch break, or sign contracts between commercials! It's the ultimate simulation!

*A living world
Astonishing Basketball features a simulated but living world. Fans are posting about the game and your brand new rookie. Players send you messages about their concerns or their contract. Or you might have to improvise what's for dinner when the team cook gets sick! And thanks to the brand new "Rivalry", discover the terrifying Regina Dargor. Nothing will stop her from crushing you and your team!

*You're the manager! Step into the game, call for a timeout, and replace your tired veterans with some young talented players to dunk on the other team, or ask them to defend the paint more tightly! Adapt your strategy to feed your shooting guard more or prevent the other center from rebounding too much. All your choices have consequences and will decide of the victory or loss.

*The new training system makes it even more important to scout players from a multitude of universities, and draft the best of them to create the ultimate team! Don't forget to build your arena and add shops to attract more fans to the game!

*Follow the scoreboard, the rankings, and the reactions from the fans, Astonishing Basketball reporters and players. You can also post your statistics online to compare your performances to others' in our daily and weekly leaderboards!

*A fierce online competition
While the entire solo mode can be played offline, you can also decide to play online at any time, and participate in one of our many multiplayer modes! Try to become the King of Basketball in the Astonishing Contest and join a franchise of champions. Or try to impress others in one of the daily events like Rookie Friday. And if that's not your style, the Path of Legends let you experience exciting games and rewards in solo!

*Live incredible stories
As a coach, you do have a life too! In Astonishing Basketball, you can take your team to a burger restaurant, help local associations, meet your favorite author, become a rock star and even marry the love of your life!

Train your players, from all-stars to rookies, it's your job as manager to find the ones who have the potential to become legendary basketball stars.

Enjoy the game!
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Astonishing Basketball Manager 21?

Astonishing Basketball Manager 21 is a basketball management game for smartphones and tablets where players can become the manager of their own basketball team and lead them to victory.

How is Astonishing Basketball different from other sports simulation games?

Astonishing Basketball is not just about stats and ratings, but also focuses on writing your own life story as a coach with the goal of winning the Basketball Cup.

Can Astonishing Basketball be played offline?

Yes, Astonishing Basketball can be played offline, allowing users to play whenever and wherever they want.

What does the "living world" feature mean in Astonishing Basketball?

The "living world" feature means that the game includes simulated interactions such as fans posting about the game and players sending messages about concerns or contracts.

What role does the player have as a manager in Astonishing Basketball?

The player has the role of a manager in Astonishing Basketball, where they can make strategic decisions during the game and manage the team's lineup and tactics.

How important is the training system in Astonishing Basketball?

The training system in Astonishing Basketball is crucial as it helps in scouting players from various universities and drafting the best ones to create the ultimate team.

Can players track their performance and compare it with others?

Yes, players can track their performance through scoreboards, rankings, and reactions from fans. They can also post their statistics online to compare their performances with others in daily and weekly leaderboards.

Is there an online multiplayer mode in Astonishing Basketball?

Yes, Astonishing Basketball offers online multiplayer modes where players can participate in competitions, such as the Astonishing Contest or daily events like Rookie Friday.

Are there any additional features or activities in Astonishing Basketball?

Yes, besides basketball management, players can also live other stories in the game such as going to restaurants, helping local associations, meeting favorite authors, and even getting married.

How can players provide feedback or connect with the Astonishing Basketball community?

Players can provide feedback by email or by reaching out on Twitter to the Legends Manager account. They can also join the Discord server for further engagement.
Im giving it 5 qtars because i feel like Im a coach, the only thing that i hate about this is its so hard to generate stadium money, maybe could you fix that?and maybe add some player tab where you can see t...
Larence Rafael Fabic
Should add that we can increase our budget in some way besides winning champs, otherwise on point, maybe even 3 draft picks would be nice, otherwise love it
dab dab
I love how hard trade players are, sometime i get pissed off. But i realized that this new abk 21 is more challenging than the last one. Thankyou for making this game.
Lyod Canlas
Fun game
Arnaud Lailheugue
It is fun. The new rating system gives a better knowledge of players skills, rivalries are cool, the fact that the draft is later and all 30 teams are included in every season is cool, and the sperate traini...
Undefined Sitting Object
Good game and nice update from the 2020 game
Kristoph Magtulis