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About FindPenguins – Travel Tracker & Journal

FindPenguins effortlessly and automatically tracks your travels. FindPenguins creates your beautiful travel journal, simply with your phone in the pocket. Travel together with friends and share your memories – or keep it all private, it's up to you!

”The perfect network for globetrotters”
[Lonely Planet]


Turn on our travel tracker and your phone automatically logs your travel route and most important places during your travels. Through smart technology and artificial intelligence (automatic flight recognition, ...) we are producing an optimal result, consuming only approx. 4% extra battery life per day!


At the end of your journey you can order a beautiful photo book of your FindPenguins travels into your home: Through a brilliant algorithm, your book is automatically and professionally designed, with your stories, photos, visited places and if you like, even the comments of your friends.

Receive a $10 discount on your first photo book with the code EARLY10.


Track your route in the wilderness, in the desert or on the ocean! The FindPenguins travel app doesn't need internet, it works completely offline. Simply upload your posts and travel route whenever you are online.


Travel route, world map, photo albums, statistics? Blog your “Footprints”, all the rest comes entirely automated.


FindPenguins is not only for journeys lasting for months. You are on a two week holiday? Why not blog? Capture your life’s travels, whether a city trip, summer holiday or backpacking the world ✌️


Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos or videos and the location. Footprints represent your visited places around the world, a beach cabin, your favorite café, a city, a national park, all is possible.


Did you ever wonder, what your friends or fellow backpackers do during their travels? Which cities, bars, national parks, beaches – places in general they visit? Follow travels of like-minded and let others follow you.


Automatic GPS Tracking of your travels
• Create journeys together with other travelers
• Unlimited posts, photos and videos
• Get a beautiful printed book of your travels
• Sleek, elegant and easy to use
• Everything works offline
• Full privacy control of your posts!
• Neatly visualized travel maps, interesting travel facts and statistics
• Fully synchronized website and apps
• One account for all your trips, short or world trips!
• Auto-translation of posts to those not speaking your language
• Follow, like and comment – explore your friends’ travels
• All-in-one free travel journal, travel tracker & travel log


If you decide to subscribe for a Premium Membership, payment will be charged to your Google Play Account at confirmation of purchase. Your monthly subscription is $4.99 per month, while the yearly subscription is $32.99 per year (price may vary by location). Auto-renewal may be turned off in your Google Play Store account settings any time after purchase.


Terms and conditions of use:
Data privacy statement:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does FindPenguins track travels?

FindPenguins automatically tracks your travels by turning on the travel tracker on your phone, logging your travel route and important places.

Can I order a photo book of my travels with FindPenguins?

Yes, at the end of your journey, you can order a beautiful photo book of your FindPenguins travels, designed automatically with your stories, photos, and visited places.

Does FindPenguins require an internet connection?

No, FindPenguins works completely offline and doesn't require internet. You can track your route in the wilderness, desert, or ocean and upload your posts and travel route whenever you are online.

What does FindPenguins automate?

FindPenguins automates travel route tracking, world maps, photo albums, statistics, and more. It provides a fully automated travel journal experience.

Can I use FindPenguins for short trips or holidays?

Yes, FindPenguins is not only for long journeys but also for shorter trips or holidays. You can capture and blog about your life's travels, whether it's a city trip, summer holiday, or backpacking adventure.

What are "Footprints" on FindPenguins?

"Footprints" on FindPenguins are posts where you can share your stories, favorite photos or videos, and the location. They represent the places you have visited around the world, from beach cabins to cafes, cities, and national parks.

Can I follow the travels of my friends on FindPenguins?

Yes, you can follow the travels of your friends or fellow backpackers on FindPenguins. You can see the cities, bars, national parks, beaches, and other places they visit. Likewise, others can follow your travels.

What features does FindPenguins offer?

FindPenguins offers automatic GPS tracking of your travels, the ability to create journeys with other travelers, unlimited posts, photos, and videos, options to get a printed book of your travels, sleek and easy-to-use interface, offline functionality, privacy control, travel maps, and more.

Is there a premium membership for FindPenguins?

Yes, FindPenguins offers a premium membership. It provides additional features for a monthly or yearly subscription, including auto-renewal options.

How do I install the FindPenguins app?

You can easily install the FindPenguins app for free from your app store.
Need it to have more users to socially connect with more like minded should work on auto connect to email accounts to extract travel information to update profiles. And if possible more int...
Prasanna Pillai
It's a good alternative to Polarsteps. The lay-out and functionalities are a lot better and more modern, but you are limited to 6 photos and 1 video per footprint.
Falco Latour
I just discovered this app and I like it so much, it's perfect for the people who likes traveling.
I have been using Find Penguins for several years now for several overseas trips and find it an excellent way to journal our travels and share them with friends and family back home. I upgraded to premium ab...
Amanda Pearce
So good application
Yacine påřįšiěňê
Love the app!
Richard Logan