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About Hostelworld: Hostels & Backpacking Travel App

The world’s leading travel app for wanderlusters traveling on a budget (don’t miss our latest deals!) who want to stay in a hostel and mix with like-minded travelers as well as locals (our hostel speak feature will help you speak 43 languages fluently, you’re welcome!).

★ Find affordable accommodation in unmissable locations
+ Search over 17,700 hostels, across 179 countries worldwide
+ From budget party hostels in Europe to picturesque eco hostels in Southeast Asia
+ Book private rooms or shared dorm rooms (mixed or all female options available)
+ Filter by location, price, room type, facilities and more
+ Cheap rooms for any budget. Making travel possible for everyone.

★ Tried, tested and trusted travel app
+ Helping backpackers and solo travelers ‘Meet the World’ for over 20 years
+ Real reviews from over 13 million passionate travelers
+ Rated on ‘value’, ‘location’, ‘atmosphere’ etc. by previous guests
+ Featured in Huffington Post’s round up of ‘Best Travel Apps’

★ Unforgettable experiences and events
+ Discover hostel events and local tours using the ‘Noticeboard’ feature
+ Find FREE activities, helping you meet like-minded travelers
+ Experiences to suit any backpacker or solo traveler. Walking tours, yoga, pub crawls and more

★ Packed with plenty of perks
+ FREE to download and use, forever!
+ FREE cancellation on all bookings. (We know travel plans can change)
+ Translate up to 43 languages using the ‘Hostel Speak’ feature
+ Use your location to easily find the perfect hostel near you
+ Browse accommodation photos and view your future room
+ Get access to your booking info 24/7 with or without internet access
+ See where you’ve been on the interactive ‘My map’ feature
+ Get inspired by our ‘Top destination’ feature and discover top hostels in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok for a backpacking adventure or a gap year abroad.

★ Hostels for anyone, anywhere!
Literally, anyone…
+ Whether you’re a veteran backpacker, traveling around the world on a budget ƒ
+ A gap year student on your first ever backpacking trip
+ A solo traveler, in a group or with a loved one on a romantic holiday
+ Looking for a cheap vacation, budget holiday or epic backpacking trip?
+ Our easy-to-use travel app offers you the biggest choice of accommodation at the best prices.
Literally, anywhere…
+ Anywhere is possible with the Hostelworld app
+ Find accommodation across 179 countries worldwide
+ Hostels on the beach, in the city, even in the jungle
+ Book accommodation all over the world in an instant
+ Book whenever, from wherever. Whether you’re backpacking in Thailand or exploring Italy, the USA or Spain… Access to the world’s best hostels, 24/7!

“Hostels are the best way to travel and Hostelworld is the best way to find them.” - Elite Daily

Want more travel tips and inspiration?
+ Hostelworld Blog
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ Instagram
+ Pinterest
+ YouTube
Please take a moment to review us on the Google Play Store. Your feedback helps us improve our service for millions of travelers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I find on the Hostelworld app?

On the Hostelworld app, you can find affordable accommodation in various locations, book private or shared rooms, filter your search according to your preferences, read real reviews from other travelers, find hostel events and local tours, discover free activities, and enjoy many other perks.

How many hostels are available on the Hostelworld app?

There are over 17,700 hostels available on the Hostelworld app across 179 countries worldwide.

Can I book private rooms on the Hostelworld app?

Yes, you can book private rooms on the Hostelworld app, in addition to shared dorm rooms. There are options available for both mixed and all-female dorms.

Can I filter my search on the Hostelworld app?

Yes, you can filter your search on the Hostelworld app by location, price, room type, facilities, and more.

Are there any perks of using the Hostelworld app?

Yes, there are plenty of perks of using the Hostelworld app. It is free to download and use, offers free cancellation on all bookings, has a 'Hostel Speak' feature to translate up to 43 languages, allows you to easily find hostels near your location, provides access to booking info 24/7, offers an interactive 'My map' feature, and more.

Can I find accommodation anywhere in the world on the Hostelworld app?

Yes, you can find accommodation anywhere in the world on the Hostelworld app. It offers hostels in 179 countries worldwide, including destinations on the beach, in the city, and even in the jungle.

How can I contact Hostelworld for more information?

You can visit the Hostelworld Blog, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can also leave a review on the Google Play Store to provide feedback and improve the service for other travelers.
Very good
Shalom - i'm 67 - not onto this technology one bit - still like memo's and red telephone boxes - but talk about simple and easy to use - i did it - 100% from me jh
Peter Henry
Hostelworld is a life saver! I have been using it all over the world and am very grateful for it! I live in the moment so I often make last minute reservations and it always works! Highly recommend it!
The Hala
Perfect, easy to use.
Mila AP
Holiday buddies wanted zero seven five four seven two seven three five seven eight
Turn Righty
Really easy to use with plenty of information
Alex Pike