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About Merge Blue Monster vs Monster

Merge Blue Monster vs Monster is a cool real-time strategy game for everyone.

Can you think fast enough to merge all the monsters and fight against the enemies?

Your quest is simple: use your strategy to combine blue monsters on your battlefield and fight against the enemies or monsters! You must fuse your blue monsters into monster legend - a giant and almighty creature quickly if you want to win!

The main goal of the game is to beat all the enemies by combining your melee monsters or ranged monsters. The enemies are other horrible monsters, so it will not be easy.

Attack to take control of the enemy locations. React and think quickly. Use your strategy and tactics to win the battle and move to the next level.

Fight the final boss after merging all your creatures! In every step of this challenge, a monster with increasing power will wait for you! Apply your strategy in real-time, and spot the right combination to draw.
What will be the next right move?

Unlock new and more powerful blue monsters by merging them!
Only 0.1% of players unlock all the creatures and win the challenge ⏩ Are you up for it?

Grow your blue monsters from simple monsters to terrific creatures when you merge them. Use your finger to draw the right combination and evolve your monsters.

Remember, if you don't merge them fast enough, your enemies will beat you in the final round fight. Are you ready to fight in this drawing challenge?

Play for free. This is not one of those classic and boring merging games. This is a new, free, and cool game for all boys and girls.

List of the features of your new free casual game:
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Become the strongest and most strategic master
- 100% free game
- Fun and addictive gameplay
- Easy controls
- For kids and adults
- Game for girls and boys
- Many monsters to merge and fight enemies

How to become a Merge Blue Monster vs Monster master?
- Display your blue monsters on the battlefield
- Merge your monsters to grow your power
- Evolve into a giant and almighty blue monster.
- Choose carefully the directions where you want to move. If you don't evolve fast enough, the other big enemies will crash you
- Evolve fast, and fight all the enemies
- Be brave and face the battle. Become the strongest blue monsters and dominate the battlefield

Challenge yourself to become the merge master with Merge Blue Monster vs Monster merge game!

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