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About Alien Hero: Rope Game

You will be transformed into the main character is an alien, He is lost in our real world.

Use alien powers to help the police and free the city from crime. The main hero will fight the gangsters by playing interesting missions. Or you can go to the dark side and be the bad guy: fight the cops, go on hot pursuits across the city, crash cars and seed chaos.
Your aliens have super powers. With a super rope in his arsenal, as well as the ability to perform super large jumps, move around buildings and land. With the help of jump rope, the hero is always aware of what is happening on the city streets.

In your superhero mission you will need a lot of things: guns and pistols, shotguns, melee weapons and super weapons. We have significantly expanded the game store.

Try an updated set of vehicles: beach car, bike, tank, helicopter, plane, mech.

If you need extra super strength - you can try to transform into an alien right away.

Play Alien Hero: Rope Game now!

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