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About Multiple Accounts:Parallel App

Supports the latest version of Whatsapp: The latest version of whatsApp is in only 64-bit format, which is perfectly supported by this app now. At the same time, not only Whatsapp, other 64-bit apps are also perfectly supported.

One Mobile Device, but want to have your Second account online at the same time?
Have Two messaging accounts, but tired of logging in and out to receive messages of different accounts?
Have Two social network accounts for work and personal life respectively, but want to keep them both online all the time?
Have multiple game accounts,but want to double and enhance your game experience?

Now Multiple Accounts(2Account) is available to satisfy your needs!

"Multiple Accounts" is for users who want to keep Two Accounts of One App both online at the same time with only One Phone, while messages and data of your different accounts are in seperated space.

★ One app, Two Accounts, Messaging and Social Network:
Support most Instant Messaging&Social Network APPs. Your multiple accounts work simultaneously on one device, connect different friend circles(work or personal) and share different information.
★ Double Game Account Experience :
Log in two game accounts for Google Play and different experiences for both accounts at the same time! 99% of top games supported!
★ Privacy and Security

- Simple and clean UI, simple operation.
- Different Acounts,Same Features, Separate Space, No Conflict !
- Small and Low CPU Consume.

If you like our app, please give us 5-star rating!
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know! We are looking forward to your feedbacks ([email protected]).

Follow our Facebook page for tips on using Multiple Accounts:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Multiple Accounts: Parallel App?

Multiple Accounts: Parallel App is a tool that allows users to have two accounts of one app online at the same time on a single mobile device.

Can I use Multiple Accounts for Whatsapp?

Yes, Multiple Accounts supports the latest version of Whatsapp, including the 64-bit format.

Can I use Multiple Accounts for other 64-bit apps?

Yes, Multiple Accounts can perfectly support other 64-bit apps as well.

Why would I need Multiple Accounts?

Multiple Accounts is useful for people who want to have their second account online at the same time, avoid logging in and out of different accounts, or keep multiple social network accounts or game accounts online simultaneously.

Can I use Multiple Accounts for Instant Messaging and Social Network apps?

Yes, Multiple Accounts supports most Instant Messaging and Social Network apps, allowing you to connect different friend circles and share information.

Can I have multiple game accounts using Multiple Accounts?

Yes, Multiple Accounts allows you to log in to two game accounts for Google Play and have different experiences for both accounts simultaneously. It supports 99% of top games.

Is my privacy and security protected when using Multiple Accounts?

Yes, Multiple Accounts ensures privacy and security by providing separate spaces for different accounts, preventing conflicts between them.

What are the features of Multiple Accounts?

Multiple Accounts offers a simple and clean user interface, easy operation, same features for different accounts, separate spaces for each account, and low CPU consumption.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions to Multiple Accounts?

You can send your comments or suggestions to [email protected]. We welcome your feedback and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Where can I find tips on using Multiple Accounts?

You can follow our Facebook page at for tips on using Multiple Accounts.
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