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About Numero eSIM: Second Phone Number & Virtual SIM

Get a second phone number & virtual sim for over 40 countries! 📱

Numero eSIM is the ideal WiFi calling app and mobile VoIP for personal or business use. Get an international phone number with cheap international calls on a second phone number on your regular phone.

The app is best suited for those in need of a free US number, a private 2nd line, or a fake phone number.

Owning a virtual second phone number can present you with unlimited opportunities. The business number app opens new opportunities for businesses looking to work in international markets.

Numero virtual sim, second phone number app offers the following features to its users:
â—¾Your virtual personal/business number will work exactly as real local phone numbers
â—¾Unlimited virtual phone numbers (virtual SIM) on the same mobile device without SIM card
â—¾Call forwarding, mobile VoIP, WiFi calling, voicemail, app clone solution and more
â—¾Use hide number feature and make anonymous calls
â—¾Get a burner phone number available from 40+ countries
â—¾Receive and send SMS text, cheap international calls worldwide, get registration codes
â—¾Uses internet connection to call and SMS using your temporary phone number

Unlike other mobile VoIP apps, Numero eSIM gives you a private second phone number that...

Boosts Privacy
- Give a fake phone number to strangers instead of a real number
- Register with international numbers in dating and texting apps securely
- Use another virtual phone number for online services and shopping
- Get a second phone number or burner phone number
- Use private phone number feature to hide virtual 2nd phone number and make private calls

Business Phone Number
- Specify international business phone number (toll free) for customer support and be closer to your customers worldwide
- Give your company an international presence with an international number
- Separate work from personal life with dedicated virtual second line

- Eliminate roaming charges and enjoy free roaming anywhere (Receive free phone calls)
- Register in local service like Uber, hotels, restaurants with your new international number
- Enjoy cheap international calls and messages and connect anywhere in the world

- International calls and SMS are as cheap as local
- Coins Center to get free USA number

WHY USERS LOVE NUMERO eSIM over other VoIP apps?
â—¾Free phone number for US (United States)
â—¾Unlimited international virtual phone numbers on the same mobile device from 40+ countries
â—¾Make and receive calls and text messages anywhere in the world with the lowest prices around
â—¾Receive free phone calls anywhere in the world (Free roaming) - when connected to the internet
â—¾When not connected to the internet: Forward received calls to any local number (Call forwarding)
â—¾Use it for social WhatsApp app clone
â—¾Set up Voicemail, second phone number and virtual sim
â—¾Available numbers: Mobile, Landline and Toll Free
â—¾Available in 7 languages
â—¾Amazing 24/7 support team

Subscribe for a year and save 80% of your monthly subscription cost on our most demanded numbers.

Subscription Terms
-Phone number is required to register
-Subscriptions are offered on monthly basis with auto renew ON by default

Numero Space
This app requires Device Admin permissions to work. It depends on your Android system’s implementation of Work Profile. Some custom ROMs may have a broken implementation that may cause crashes.

-Run apps inside the isolated profile
-Clone apps on one device
-Password lock

How do I uninstall Numero Space?
1) Settings > Accounts, to remove the work profile
2) Settings > Security > Advanced > Device > Admin Apps, to remove Numero from Device Admin apps
3) Uninstall Numero

Download Numero eSIM: Virtual SIM and get a second phone number! Try for free.

Contact Us
-Email [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Numero eSIM?

Numero eSIM is a WiFi calling app and mobile VoIP that provides a second phone number and virtual SIM for over 40 countries.

What features does Numero eSIM offer?

Numero eSIM offers features such as unlimited virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, mobile VoIP, WiFi calling, voicemail, app clone solution, hide number feature, burner phone numbers, SMS text services, and cheap international calls.

Why would I need a virtual second phone number?

A virtual second phone number can be useful for boosting privacy, using as a business phone number, for travel purposes to eliminate roaming charges, and for cost savings on international calls and SMS.

Why do users love Numero eSIM over other VoIP apps?

Users love Numero eSIM for its free US phone number, availability of unlimited international virtual phone numbers, low prices for calls and messages worldwide, free roaming for phone calls when connected to the internet, and reliable support team.

What are the subscription terms for Numero eSIM?

Phone number is required to register for a subscription, and subscriptions are offered on a monthly basis with auto-renewal turned on by default.

How do I uninstall Numero Space?

To uninstall Numero Space, you need to remove the work profile from the device settings, remove Numero from the Device Admin apps in security settings, and then uninstall Numero from your device.

How can I contact Numero eSIM for support?

You can contact Numero eSIM by sending an email to [email protected].
I lovw it and this is one of the best app i haven't ever see. Keep it up i love it so much
Ray Rose
I have been using Numero for a long time and everything is great i.e., calls, sms, customer support. Appreciate this application and I refer others too for the same.
Abdur Rehman
mohamed swelam
Good, useful, real and good treatment from customer service
Alex Jad
External friendship in others countries All are use in this app it's my request
Lovely Uday
Kudos to you GUYS, you Guys did a well job here. What a nice and sweet App, best among all, please keep it On.