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About Boat Watch

Ever wanted to know more about boats, ships and other marine traffic? Boat Watch lets you find boats and ships and follow them on a real-time map...

Boat Watch is a free app, which offers...

- Spot any Boat or Ship via real-time AIS system
- Watch boat positions on a live map
- See the Name, Type and Destination of each vessel
- Set any boat as your favorite, and track it on the map
- Search and find boats and places
- Share boats on Facebook, Twitter or by email

Our optional In-App upgrade even sends you alerts when a boat you track sets sail or arrives - perfect for people with loved ones at sea, for tracking cruise ships, ferries and rescue vessels - or following cargo across the world!

Optional One-time In-App Upgrade Purchase adds...

- Boat positions refresh automatically
- Get alerts when your favorite boat arrives or departs
- Full boat information - speed, course, country, etc.

And, you can also add Live View by In-App Purchase, showing ships drawn at true scale with positions updated every 5 seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Boat Watch app?

Boat Watch is a free app that allows you to find and track boats and ships on a real-time map.

What features does Boat Watch offer?

Boat Watch allows you to spot any boat or ship using the real-time AIS system, watch boat positions on a live map, see the name, type, and destination of each vessel, set favorite boats and track them on the map, search and find boats and places, and share boats on social media or by email.

Are there any additional features available with Boat Watch?

Yes, there is an optional In-App upgrade that sends you alerts when a boat you track sets sail or arrives. It is perfect for tracking cruise ships, ferries, rescue vessels, or following cargo across the world.

What does the optional In-App upgrade offer?

The optional In-App upgrade provides automatic refreshing of boat positions, alerts when your favorite boat arrives or departs, and full boat information including speed, course, and country.

Is there any further enhancement available for the app?

Yes, by making an In-App purchase, you can add Live View, which shows ships drawn at true scale with positions updated every 5 seconds.
This Is amazing I can finally see where my dad is at work
Roel Viernes
Look many ship!!!
Brilliant & easy to use
Alun N Andrew
Amazing and fascinating
Thami Somgqeza
Very nice 👌
Sydney Olsen
Working again
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