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About Samurai Kazuya : Idle Tap RPG

Kazuya’s rage begins from the tip of his sword!
Awaken your samurai through endless training, craft legendary swords and defeat all those defending the ‘Tower of Corruption’!

The Shadow Warrior, Ninja Samurai's Journey of Revenge
Idle RPG! Samurai Action Game! Samurai Kazuya!

▣ Game Characteristics
▶ Awakened samurai with endless changes!
- Awakening Kazuya will change his appearance and make him more powerful!
- Challenge the samurais on each floor of the ‘Tower of Corruption’ by crafting legendary swords such as the Couple Sword, Masamune, Excalibur and Doubledragon!

▶ Exciting crafting system!
- Train endlessly to obtain materials that can be used to craft legendary swords which allow users to enter the next floor guarded by samurai leaders!
- Crafting materials can be obtained by training and training tools change based on the equipped sword.

▶ Samurai action game with an original story!
- Experience the story unfold as you advance through each floor of the Tower of Corruption.
- Receive new hints of Kanna’s whereabouts by defeating each samurai leader!

▶ Easy and simple Idle RPG!
- Even when you close the game or when you are out of battery, Kazuya’s training never stops.
- Earn gold while you are away and upgrade Kazuya’s abilities!

▣ Prologue
In the Edo period, swords ruled over people...The civilians were powerless under the samurais’ rule.

One day, Kanna, the wife of a low-rank warrior, Kenji, has been summoned by a superior-rank warrior. She did not return for a long time. Kenji was worried. Soon, his restlessness turned into rage. Kenji went to the the superior-rank warrior to search for Kanna.

Kenji was both a great mentor and a brother to Kazuya. Kazuya started searching for Kenji and Kanna. After learning about their fate....

Kazuya’s rage and determination turns his blade towards the corrupt shogun...

▣ 'Samurai Kazuya' is best for tablet screens. Enjoy 'Samurai Kazuya' in an android tablet!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Samurai Kazuya: Idle Tap RPG?

Samurai Kazuya is an Idle Tap RPG game where players awaken their samurai through training, craft legendary swords, and defeat enemies in the Tower of Corruption.

What are the game characteristics of Samurai Kazuya?

The game features an awakened samurai with endless changes, an exciting crafting system to obtain materials for legendary swords, a samurai action game with an original story, and an easy and simple Idle RPG experience.

Can Samurai Kazuya be played on a tablet?

Yes, Samurai Kazuya is best enjoyed on tablet screens and can be played on an Android tablet.
와 재밌어요~
Gabangman Studio
Good game
Jenny Yoon
It is good
Warfire 1202
Its awesome!
Lady Bee
I love the game is so fun i can battle boss i can level i can craft but please no ads i hate ads pls removed it.
Axyte Playz
Wonderful game
A Google user