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About DoubleClutch

Double Clutch is much differentiated from NBALIVE, NBA2K series, which bring people the one kind of pleasure!

The operation mode is super easy by using 3 buttons.
You are able to experience many kinds of playing mode such as Spin move, double clutch, alley-oop, put-back slam dunk, pass while shooting and so on.

Thrilling tournament
Double Clutch presents very intensive sense of reality because of its quick defense and offense conversion and speedy evolvement.
Now try to lead your team towards the victory by exploiting your talents.

I recommend it to all sports enthusiasts who like NBA.
Experience ALL-STAR Legends' play on mobile!

Main characteristics
1. It contains two kinds of systems: free-style(position practice) and tournament
2. In tournament mode you choose one team from eight teams in total and then toward the victory.
- Choose the right team based on your own playing style since each of eight teams has their own attributes.
- One round contains 4 quarters, and you can set the quarter time in settings.
3. Go to [customized] and you can adjust the attributes of each team’s position.
- You can gain coins through tournament and watching advertisement.

* Game Access Permission
Please grant following permissions to play this game
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (Access to Device Gallery, Media, and Files): Permission to install the application in external storage device.
- READ_PHONE_STATE(Make & Manage Phone Calls): Permission to access device information for serving advertisements.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How is Double Clutch different from NBALIVE and NBA2K series?

Double Clutch offers a unique kind of pleasure compared to NBALIVE and NBA2K series.

How easy is the operation mode in Double Clutch?

The operation mode in Double Clutch is super easy to use with just 3 buttons.

What playing modes are available in Double Clutch?

You can experience various playing modes such as Spin move, double clutch, alley-oop, put-back slam dunk, and pass while shooting.

What makes Double Clutch exciting?

Double Clutch presents a thrilling tournament experience with quick defense and offense conversion and speedy evolution.

Who would you recommend Double Clutch to?

I recommend Double Clutch to all sports enthusiasts who enjoy NBA.

What are the main characteristics of Double Clutch?

Double Clutch includes two kinds of systems: free-style (position practice) and tournament mode. The tournament mode allows you to choose one team from eight teams and work towards victory.

How many quarters are there in one round of Double Clutch?

One round in Double Clutch consists of 4 quarters, and you can adjust the quarter time in settings.

Can you adjust the attributes of each team's position in Double Clutch?

Yes, in the [customized] mode of Double Clutch, you can adjust the attributes of each team's position.

How can you gain coins in Double Clutch?

You can earn coins through the tournament and by watching advertisements.

What game access permissions are required to play Double Clutch?

The game requires the following permissions: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for accessing device gallery, media, and files, and READ_PHONE_STATE for managing phone calls and serving advertisements.
This game has good grahics and fun to play they should add more game modes but other then that this game is awsome and that that I started playing today I highly recomend it
Victor Martinez
Great game and also allow good customizing for all teams
Mari_ The Gamer
Luvuyo Mpulanpula
Plsss add my carrer and lay up animation i really like this game Plssssss addddd lay up animation
Graza Galariana De Roda
Great app. But add assists as a stat line
I luv dis game it's really good.
yaboicaleb 360