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About Photo Editor - Collage Maker

Picture Editor is a small but powerful program designed primarily for semi-professional image and photo editing as well as the creation of new graphics. It is easy to understand and utilize.
If you know a little bit about photography, Photo Editor can assist you with a wide range of advanced image editing and restoration chores.
Photo Editor allows you to edit photographs on your phone in the same way that you would on a computer.

Photo Editor - Photo Collage has all of the tools you need to alter photographs. Even if you've never manipulated photographs before, a plethora of sophisticated effects, photo filters, collage, and sketching tools may help you produce an eye-catching snapshot. You may easily upload your artworks on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms with the free professional photo editor. Unleash your imagination and edit photographs like a pro.

Lomo, Artistic, PINK, Vignetted, Natural, Warm, Glitch, Latté, and more effects. Holiday, Animal, Emoji, Beard, Letters, Glasses, Birthday, Doodles, and Stickers.
No Crop, Insta 1: 1 Square & Blur Instagram Background

Simply choose various photographs, and the Picture Editor will mix them together to create a fantastic photo collage. You may select your favorite design and alter the collage with a filter, backdrop, stickers, text, and much more.

+ Experiment with fantastic picture filters and picture effects.

+ Access tools and features such as photo cropping, sketching, and background removal.

+ Remove items from your images and edit them.

+ To alter your images, use stickers, photo frames, or just an emoji.

+ Express yourself: use +200 text fonts to add text to photographs.

+ Get a makeover by altering the style of your hair, cosmetics stickers, and other accessories.

+ You can use a clever tool to erase or blur the backdrop.

+ Photo editing tools that are both powerful and simple to use;

+ The built-in body editor allows you to trim down your figure, add abs, and so on.

+ Photo collage function with over 100 different patterns and backgrounds;

+ An in-app camera for capturing moments of beauty;

+ A plethora of fun stickers; + Photo filters and stylish photo effects; + Draw and add text using a variety of art fonts;

+ Crop, rotate, verticalize, and horizontally align;

+ Make changes to the brightness, contrast, temperature, and saturation.

+ A highlight as well as a shade;

+ Sharpening and erasing;

+ Avoid cropping photographs for social media.

+ Upload high-resolution photographs to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

- Use your favorite photographs to make a gorgeous picture collage. Experiment with picture grids, freestyle collages, scrapbooks, and picture frames.

- Select from a variety of designs.

- Going viral is simple. Use our meme generator to make humorous memes that you can share with your friends.

- Update your Instagram with story templates by using the story builder.

- Use Sketch effects to take your selfie to the next level.
- Use Canvas effects to transform portraits into works of art.

- Make Drip Art. To personalize stickers, use the drip effect.

- Transform yourself into a cartoon with the incredible magic effects that transform images into cartoons.

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