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About Fruit trees. Gardening

A big encyclopedia "Gardening. Fruit trees": from apples and pears to exotic tropical fruits. Detailed descriptions with photos.

Horticulture is a branch of plant growing engaged in the cultivation of perennial fruit or berry crops to obtain fruits, berries and nuts (fruit growing); and the cultivation of ornamental plants (ornamental gardening).

Apple is a juicy apple fruit that is eaten fresh, serves as a raw material in cooking and for making drinks. The most widespread is the domestic apple tree, less often the apple tree is grown. Size of red, green or yellow spherical fruits 5-13 cm in diameter. It comes from Central Asia, where the wild ancestor of the domestic apple tree, the Sievers apple tree, still grows. Today there are many varieties of this type of apple growing in different climatic conditions. By the ripening time, summer, autumn and winter varieties are distinguished, later varieties are distinguished by good resistance.

Common apricot (Latin Prúnus armeníaca) is a fruit tree species from the Apricot (Armeniaca) section of the Prunus genus of the Rosaceae family. Apricot is also called the fruits of the common apricot, like other types of apricot, from which several types of dried fruits are produced, first of all - kaisu, dried apricots, and also apricot.

Orange (lat.Citrus × sinēnsis) - fruit tree; a species of the genus Citrus of the Rutaceae family, as well as the fruit of this tree. Orange is the most abundant citrus crop in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world. There is an assumption about the origin as a hybrid of mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and pomelo (Citrus maxima). The plant was cultivated in China as early as 2.5 thousand years BC. It was brought to Europe by Portuguese sailors. Thereafter, the fashion for the cultivation of orange trees quickly spread; for this, they began to build special glass structures called greenhouses. Orange trees grow all over the Mediterranean coast (as well as Central America).

Lemon (lat.Cítrus límon) - a plant; species of the genus Citrus, subtribe Citreae, of the Rutacea family. The fruit of this plant is also called lemon. Homeland - India, China and the Pacific tropical islands. It is unknown in the wild, most likely, it is a hybrid of citron and bitter orange, spontaneously arising in nature and developing for a long time as a separate species. It is widely cultivated in many countries with subtropical climates.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is horticulture?

Horticulture is a branch of plant growing that involves cultivating fruit, berry, and nut crops, as well as ornamental plants.

What is the most widespread type of apple tree?

The domestic apple tree is the most widespread type of apple tree.

Where does the domestic apple tree originate from?

The domestic apple tree originates from Central Asia.

How many varieties of apple trees are there?

There are many varieties of apple trees that grow in different climatic conditions.

What distinguishes different varieties of apple trees?

Different varieties of apple trees are distinguished by their ripening time and resistance.

What is the scientific name of the common apricot?

The scientific name of the common apricot is Prúnus armeníaca.

What types of dried fruits are produced from apricots?

Several types of dried fruits, such as kaisu and dried apricots, are produced from apricots.

Where is the orange tree most abundant?

The orange tree is the most abundant citrus crop in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

What is the assumed hybrid origin of the orange?

The orange is assumed to be a hybrid of mandarin and pomelo.

Where do lemon trees originate from?

Lemon trees originate from India, China, and the Pacific tropical islands.