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About Auto parts. Automotive technologies

Modern car brands are developing very quickly, it is hard to keep track of changes in the structure of cars. But the development of modern cars makes our life easier, namely: driving is becoming safer, easier and more comfortable.

Find out how your car works
Not every experienced motorist knows how a modern car works, and if you are a beginner you will definitely have to face issues of maintenance, repair and diagnostics of the car. And such situations may arise in which you have to repair the car yourself. With our application “Car Device” you can better diagnose and fix the problems of your car, both light and truck.

Analysis of the electrical systems of your car
The operation of a modern car is impossible without electric current. Due to the electric current, the mixture is ignited in the combustion chambers of the engine cylinders, light and sound alarms, instrumentation, lighting and additional equipment work. In the modern world, dealerships receive more information on car repair, make an order for auto parts themselves and require special tools to diagnose problems. Overcoming this obstacle will help you study the electronics of your car with our application "Auto Parts & Engines. Automotive Engineering" for free offline.

Pumping and car modification
Studying the interaction of car components will allow you to change certain functions of the car by reinstalling the software or performing technical changes. Thanks to a reasonable modification, you can significantly increase the maximum speed and power of the machine, to achieve more functional operation of some important components. The most important self-modification features are as follows:
- supplementing the car with certain comfort elements that consume electricity;
- change of interior parts for a more expressive ride comfort by car;
- Installation of larger diameter wheels, change of brake discs and pads;
- integration of struts and shock absorbers with other settings that differ from factory standards;
- change of the engine or its overhaul with the expansion of the diameter of the cylinders and pistons;
- installation of gas equipment in order to save money on fuel consumption.
- installation of new firmware;

Own repairs
Understanding the operation of components and assemblies of your car will allow you to keep the car in working condition without a car service. You can control the fluid levels yourself, change the wiper, and control tire wear. This knowledge will save you time and money, which will extend the life of your car. If the machine breaks down, you yourself can understand what needs to be repaired.

Full safe driving
Information about the car’s operation will allow you to drive more safely, increase the life of the car and protect it from accident. For example, you yourself will be able to detect signs of brake wear and replace them before the risk of brake failure.

- Very quick search for descriptions. The dynamic search function will start searching for words immediately during input;
- Full offline access, no internet connection.
- Bookmark - you can add descriptions to your favorites list by clicking on the star icon;
- Unlimited number of notes;
- An easy way to share with friends;
- Unlimited number of notes (favorites);
- Search History;
- Voice search;
- The application is very easy to use, fast and with extensive content;
- Automatic free updates every time new descriptions are added;
- The device of the car. Auto parts and auto repair is made so as to occupy as little memory as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the purpose of the "Car Device" application?

The "Car Device" application helps users diagnose and fix problems with their car, both light and truck.

Why is understanding the electrical systems of a car important?

Understanding the electrical systems of a car is crucial because it is necessary for the operation of a modern car. It enables the ignition of the mixture in the engine cylinders, functioning of alarms, instrumentation, lighting, and additional equipment.

How can studying the interaction of car components benefit car owners?

Studying the interaction of car components allows car owners to change certain functions of their car through software reinstallation or technical modifications. This can result in increased maximum speed and power, improved operation of important components, and enhanced ride comfort.

What are some examples of car modification features?

Some examples of car modification features include adding comfort elements that consume electricity, changing interior parts for improved comfort, installing larger diameter wheels and changing brake discs and pads, integrating struts and shock absorbers with different settings, overhauling the engine, installing gas equipment for fuel consumption, and installing new firmware.

How can understanding the operation of car components help with repairs?

Understanding the operation of car components allows car owners to perform their own repairs without relying on a car service. This includes tasks such as controlling fluid levels, changing wipers, and monitoring tire wear.

How can information about a car's operation contribute to safe driving?

Information about a car's operation enables drivers to drive more safely, increase the car's lifespan, and prevent accidents. For example, drivers can detect signs of brake wear and replace them before brake failure occurs.

What are the features of the "Car Device" application?

The features of the "Car Device" application include quick search for descriptions, full offline access, bookmarking, unlimited number of notes, easy sharing with friends, search history, voice search, ease of use, automatic updates, and optimized memory usage.