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About Finance: trading strategy, technical analysis

A big encyclopedia of financial markets, economics, business, international finance terms. A great way to learn finance, market, money and bankings, investment options, securities, accounting standards.

Investments - placement of capital for the purpose of making a profit. Investment is an integral part of the modern economy. Investments differ from loans by the degree of risk for the investor - investments (invested capital) are returned and generate income only in profitable projects.

From the standpoint of the monetary theory of money, funds can be directed to consumption or savings. Simple savings withdraws funds from circulation and creates preconditions for crises.
Investing involves savings in circulation.

Financial market is a system of economic relations associated with borrowing, issuing, buying, selling securities, precious metals, currencies and other investment instruments. The components of the financial market are: loan capital market, foreign exchange market, securities market, insurance and reinsurance market, precious metals market.

Financial market is a general term for all markets:
• Stock markets provide financing by issuing shares or common stock and allow trading in them.
• Bond markets provide funding through the issuance of bonds and trade them.
• Commodity markets make it easier to trade goods.
• Money markets provide short-term debt financing and investments.
• Derivative markets provide tools for managing financial risks.
• Futures markets provide standardized forward contracts on trading products for a specified date in the future; forward market.
• Foreign exchange markets make it easier to trade foreign exchange.
• The cryptocurrency market makes it easier to trade digital assets.
• Spot market.
• The market for interbank lending.

Technical analysis - a set of tools for predicting the likely price changes based on the patterns of price changes in the past in similar circumstances. Technical analysis is most widely used in highly liquid free markets such as stock exchanges. The rise of algorithmic and high-frequency programmed trading has led to the adoption of impulsive, ultra-short moving averages, and other similar strategies that are based on technical rather than fundamental or theoretical concepts of market behavior.

Day-trading - speculative trading on the stock exchange during the trading day without carrying over open positions to the next day. The term Day-trading refers to a trading strategy in which exclusively intraday transactions are used, in which the duration of holding securities is usually up to several hours. Many traders can use several strategies at the same time, one of which is intraday operations.

Usually, margin trading is used to increase the profitability of operations, which leads to an increase in risks. Intraday trades tend to rely on technical analysis rather than fundamental analysis.

Spread - the difference between the best prices of orders to sell (ask) and to buy (bid) at the same time for any asset (stock, commodity, currency, futures, option).

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - a set of documents (standards and interpretations) that regulate the rules for drawing up financial statements required for external users to make economic decisions regarding an enterprise.

Inflation - an increase in the general level of prices for goods and services for a long time.

This free offline dictionary:
• contains more than 6500 terms;
• suitable for professionals, amateurs and even beginners;
• advanced search function with autocomplete - the search will start and predict a word as you enter text;
• voice search;
• work offline - the database supplied with the application does not require an Internet connection when searching;
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The Financial terms dictionary offline is the best way to keep the information you need close at hand.

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