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About Go Smart

Easily build smart life in the cloud
• Remote control of household appliances, worry, save power, open whenever you want
• Can add multiple appliances at the same time, one APP controls all smart devices
• Support for voice control smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home
• Intelligent linkage to automatically run smart devices based on your location's temperature, location, and time
• One-click sharing device for family and friends, the whole family can easily enjoy Go Smart
• Receive notifications to get real-time information on your home
• Quickly connect to the network, no need to wait, enjoy the speed experience

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I control with Go Smart?

You can control household appliances and smart devices with Go Smart.

Can I control multiple appliances with one app?

Yes, you can control multiple appliances with one app using Go Smart.

Does Go Smart support voice control?

Yes, Go Smart supports voice control with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Does Go Smart have intelligent automation features?

Yes, Go Smart has intelligent linkage capabilities to automate smart devices based on your location, temperature, and time.

Can I share Go Smart devices with family and friends?

Yes, you can easily share Go Smart devices with family and friends for them to enjoy as well.

Will I receive real-time notifications with Go Smart?

Yes, Go Smart provides notifications to keep you informed with real-time information about your home.

Is Go Smart easy to connect to the network?

Yes, Go Smart quickly connects to the network without the need to wait, providing a speedy experience.
Easy. Probably one of the better apps for controlling the home. If your devices go offline turn them on manually and run the app. Sometimes they reconnect. If they don't just reset the device needed, run app...
Kris Nicholson
Stopped working with google home. Super fast response from developer. Have now swizched to their Gosund app- quick set up if devices. Thank you very much
Mario Streng
Must have to link Gosund smart bulbs to Google Home app! If you do not plan to link Gosund products to Google smart speakers, either this app or the Gosung app should fill your needs. However, this is the on...
A Little Learning Curve, but easy to learn, quickly. . . . . . . . . * Set up schedules for various things that you want turned on/off, etc. Example: I use an Outlet to turn my Coffee Pot On/Off, using Voice...
Darrell C.
This go smart app made it easy to hook up my automatic lights on and off controller
mark fraser
Works good! It was the only app working with my Gosund appliances and allowed remote control from online, not on the WiFi. Thanks guys!
Andrei Donisan