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About Crazy Cooking Diner: Chef Game

Welcome to Crazy Cooking Diner 👩🍳👨🍳, the madness chef game, the fast-paced tapping Cooking Game, and the brand new Restaurant Game! Come and enjoy the kitchen craze🍳, and experience the cooking fever🔥. Travel to different cooking cities, and feel the craze and madness of a cooking games lover. Cook and Serve food like a crazy chef!

Dash from restaurant to restaurant on this magical map! On this cooking journey, you will discover and unlock many cities as you progress🌄. Begin the cuisines discovery trip and enrich your gourmet food collection🍔. TRY to attract more and more customers and make the restaurants popular again! Let this crazy cooking trip start now🌍!

In this cooking game, you act as a popular master chef and star chef. With the craze for the cooking, you will prepare, cook and serve dishes for hungry customers. To better develop your cooking career, you need to upgrade and renovate your kitchen constantly to improve your cooking skills and efficiency, and open new restaurants to satisfy different needs of your customers. Always remember, TAP fast to cook various food, and serve dishes to customers!

- Hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook for meals! Enrich your cooking recipes here!
- Tap the correct pieces of ingredients 🥦🥩 in order to make the target cuisines!
- TIP: remember to serve the dishes in time to keep the food from burning🔥!

- Tap to serve the correct dishes 🍕🍟 to the customers in time!
- Each level has different targets! Serving a specific number of customers or keeping dishes from burning? Always check the targets first!
- TIP: remember speed means all! Customers won't wait too long!

- Plenty of themed restaurants with unique kitchen appliances for cooking!
- From the coffee machine to the bakery oven, a real master chef always masters them perfectly, even simultaneously!
- TIP: upgrading kitchen in time helps a lot to beat the cooking levels!

- From the United States to Japan, from the west to the east! As you progress further, you can not only enjoy the beautiful sightseeing on the trip, but also tast the delicious food!
- Burgers, pizzas, pasta, donuts, cakes and more! You can find all kinds of dishes here!
- Let's master all kinds of dishes, and serve hungry customers of each city!

🎊 More Features
- Unlock new restaurants by collecting enough keys! 🔑
- Get combos and earn Huge Tips while showing off your cooking skills! 💰
- Complete special missions and achievements to earn more!🎁
- Use interesting and magical boots to help you pass the levels! ⏰
- Wi-Fi not needed: no internet needed after the initial install. Play anywhere anytime! 📶
- Enjoy the time-management gameplay in your pocket anytime for Free!🆓
- Upgrade your Kitchen and level up to become the famous Mad Chef! 💵

📲 Download Crazy Cooking Diner for free. Enjoy the fun restaurant cooking game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Crazy Cooking Diner?

Crazy Cooking Diner is a fast-paced tapping cooking game and restaurant game where players can act as a master chef, prepare delicious dishes, and serve hungry customers.

What can I do in Crazy Cooking Diner?

In Crazy Cooking Diner, you can cook various dishes using hundreds of delicious ingredients, serve the correct dishes to customers in time, upgrade and renovate your kitchen, travel to different cities, unlock new restaurants, and complete special missions and achievements.

How can I cook in the game?

To cook in the game, you need to tap the correct pieces of ingredients in order to make the target cuisines. Remember to serve the dishes in time to prevent them from burning.

How can I serve dishes to customers?

To serve dishes to customers, simply tap on the correct dishes and serve them in time. Each level has different targets, so always check the targets first. Speed is important as customers won't wait too long.

Can I upgrade my kitchen in Crazy Cooking Diner?

Yes, you can upgrade your kitchen in Crazy Cooking Diner. There are plenty of themed restaurants with unique kitchen appliances for cooking. Upgrading your kitchen helps improve your cooking levels.

Can I travel to different cities in the game?

Yes, you can travel to different cities in Crazy Cooking Diner. As you progress in the game, you can unlock and explore new cities, enjoy beautiful sightseeing, and taste various delicious foods from different cuisines.

Are there any additional features in Crazy Cooking Diner?

Yes, Crazy Cooking Diner offers additional features such as unlocking new restaurants by collecting enough keys, earning combos and huge tips for showing off your cooking skills, completing special missions and achievements to earn more rewards, using interesting and magical boosters to help you pass levels, and enjoying the time-management gameplay anytime and anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

How can I download Crazy Cooking Diner?

You can download Crazy Cooking Diner for free from your app store. Search for "Crazy Cooking Diner" and click on the download button to enjoy the fun restaurant cooking game.

Is Crazy Cooking Diner available on social media?

Yes, you can find Crazy Cooking Diner on Facebook. Like their Facebook page at for updates and more information.

How can I contact the team behind Crazy Cooking Diner?

If you have any inquiries or need assistance, you can contact the Crazy Cooking Diner team via email at [email protected].