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About Cooking Festival

🌽🍖🍆BAKE, FRY and GRILL🌽🍖🍆 your way AROUND THE WORLD!🗽

👉You’re the MASTER CHEF the cooking world has been waiting for - the most talented, well trained, and most promising 💥FOOD ARTIST💥 in the known universe!

Whip up some HOMEMADE PANCAKES, grill 🍖🍖🍖JUICY RIBS🍖🍖🍖, bake aromatic original 🍕Italian PIZZAS🍕, and serve delicious 🍦ICE CREAM🍦 that everyone loves!

🌽🍖🍆Cooking is incredibly easy - just TAP & Serve 🍆🍗🌽

Cook whatever CUISINE YOU LIKE, and have FUN!


👯Visit San Francisco
😃and MANY MORE cities planned!
🗼 Check out stunning landmarks wherever you go
💥Visit various Food Festivals!
😋 Unlock additional ingredients for AMAZING NEW DISHES!

🐉 Festival Dragon
🐻 Fluffy Bear
🔥 Lava Lady
😻And so many more— serve them well, and receive a SPECIAL BOOST! 💥

DOWNLOAD COOKING FESTIVAL NOW, grab your wok, temper your frying pan, sharpen your knives, and dive into the world of FOOD, TRAVEL and 🙏FAME🙏!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of dishes can I cook in Cooking Festival?

You can cook a variety of dishes such as homemade pancakes, juicy ribs, Italian pizzas, and delicious ice cream.

How do I cook in Cooking Festival?

Cooking in Cooking Festival is incredibly easy. Just tap and serve the ingredients.

Can I cook any cuisine in Cooking Festival?

Yes, you can cook whatever cuisine you like in Cooking Festival.

Can I explore different cities in Cooking Festival?

Yes, you can explore various cities such as San Francisco, Naples, Berlin, and many more in Cooking Festival.

Are there any special customers in Cooking Festival?

Yes, you can meet special customers such as the Festival Dragon, Fluffy Bear, Lava Lady, and many more in Cooking Festival.

What can I unlock in Cooking Festival?

By serving well and meeting special customers, you can unlock additional ingredients for amazing new dishes.

Where can I download Cooking Festival?

You can download Cooking Festival now and start your culinary adventure in the world of food, travel, and fame.
I love this game i was bord now im not i would like more update cooking games
Shawanna Brown
Fun and challenging, also does not have a bunch of advertisements 🤓🧸🌻😎
Laura Clements
This a good game to play
Sherry Chinn
Latrecia Bowden
Oh man I really love this game!!!!!!
Anita Alexander
Very cool brilliant game 😎
Hazel Leiper