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About Swipe Fight!

Swipe fight!
All the awesome moves of a classic fight game —
All you have to do is swipe!

Swipe fight!
Master insane fighting moves: just swipe!
Master awesome kicks, punches and the best knockouts: just swipe!
Master the best jabs, the most insane uppercuts
Fight like a master: it’s easy — just swipe!

Easy to learn—awesome to play!

(and best of all this game is free! free! free!)

Fight your best friends
Fight your worst enemies
Awesome duel fighting game mode lets you fight anyone around the world! It’s easy!

Free your mind of difficult combos: the future of fighting is swipe fighting!
Easy to master awesome moves, insane knockouts, and the best, most awesome defeats!

Victory has never been so easy!

(And 100% free — how awesome is that?)

Awesome arenas, insane opponents and incredible fighting moves are waiting.

It’s time to master this game of skill.
Master this game of epic victories.
Master this game of insane fighting.

Master the best fight game now.

Ready… set… SWIPE FIGHT!

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roger brent
Kyle Prentice
Make u laugh while you play! Very good game with good graphics and I love smacking someone till they fly out of the ring
Adam John Stone Butler