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About Water and Health - Water Reminder

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Water & Health
The reminder to drink water and stay healthy, it is notification application of daily water intake, exercise and health management, allows you to know the exact intake based on age and weight, according to needs, thus helping to improve hydration and weight loss.

Water reminder
Water is the main component of the human body. With daily water intake, the true power of water keeps your skin healthy.

Benefits of drinking water
By drinking water at the right time, you get the numerous benefits of drinking water: fatigue relief, weight loss, glowing skin.

Reminder time
Knowing your exact water intake for a day, looking for a water reminder app, The alarm reminder is the ideal tracker to stay hydrated.

Other resources
Health calculating training manager for fitness (medicine reminder and pedometer)

Application with an intuitive and attractive interface with all available resources.

Application Features

- Water reminder with notification.
- Water Consumption Tracker
- Medicine reminder with notification.
- Pedometer.
- Height increase exercises.
- Exercise tracker
- Health calculator:
- BMI (your body mass index)
- Daily caloric needs to lose / gain weight
- Target heart rate (THR) training zones
- Ideal weight
- Percentage of body fat
- Blood volume
- Blood alcohol content (BAC)
- Daily water intake requirements

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