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About HuntWise: The Hunting App

You’re invited to take part in the best hunting app community, to share hunting experiences and gain access to the best hunting tools on the market.

With Hunting Weather designed by Hunters, Hunting Maps GPS built for hunters, and a Hunting Community shaped by hunters; HuntWise quickly gives you one hunting app with the ability to plan, prepare, and share your next hunting experience.


HuntCast™ Predictions and Hunting Forecast:
Over 12M predictions have been made to date using our industry leading prediction and forecast tool. Trusted and tested by Hunters around the globe, the prediction is more than a Solunar calendar as HuntCast combines 8 tracked weather related variables to determine your species-specific peak kill times.

(1) Temperature Graph: Easily track temperature changes using an easy-to-read graph.

(2) Wind Graph: Use the wind graph to help plan your scent strategy or place your decoy setups.

(3) Pressure Graph: Don't miss out on drastic pressure changes when your kill chances drastically increase!


Turn your smart phone into a powerful GPS Hunting Map device plus more!

(1) Private Land Ownership Boundaries: Scout new hunting properties and identify private property boundaries (coming soon!).

(2) Satellite + Topographic Imagery: Understand terrain with topographic contours, hillshade, and satellite imagery.

(3) Custom Waypoints: Plot your stands, blinds, scrapes, rubs, and waypoints.

(4) GPS Navigation: Navigate to any custom location in real time using your phone's built-in GPS.


Join a community of hunters who understand:
See who got the big one - See thousands of photos and read thousands of stories of how other hunters achieved success.

(1) Log your hunts: Each hunt is an opportunity to make memories. Don't lose out on the chance to keep those memories alive!

(2) Talk shop: Chat with hundreds of thousands of hunters across the country and be a part of their success!

(3) Record keeping: Record your harvest and sighting amounts along with other details for every hunt.

Hunt more. Hunt better. HuntWise.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is HuntWise?

HuntWise is a hunting app that allows users to share hunting experiences and access hunting tools such as Hunting Weather, Hunting Maps GPS, and a community of hunters.

How does HuntCast™ Predictions work?

HuntCast™ Predictions is a feature in HuntWise that combines 8 tracked weather related variables to determine the species-specific peak kill times. It uses temperature, wind, and pressure data to predict the best times for hunting.

What are the features of the Hunting Maps GPS?

The Hunting Maps GPS feature in HuntWise allows users to turn their smartphones into powerful GPS hunting map devices. It provides private land ownership boundaries, satellite and topographic imagery, custom waypoints for marking important locations, and GPS navigation to any custom location.

How does the HuntWise community work?

The HuntWise community is shaped by hunters and allows users to connect with other hunters. Users can log their hunts, share photos and stories, chat with other hunters, and keep records of their harvest and sightings.

How can I download and use HuntWise?

HuntWise can be downloaded from app stores for iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, users can create an account and start using the app to plan, prepare, and share their hunting experiences.
Crazy awesome fun to use the people are mostly nice
Darrin Snodgrass
I love huntwise it is an awsome way to spend time when u are boared and it is also a great way to become a better hunter. With this app you can become better hunter by seeing what other people have used and ...
Braydon Nidiffer
It is working great. I did have a problem with it locking up but the support team worked on it and it great.
Jonathan Sampson
Overall a great experience! Awesome features including a Social platform!
Nate Farrell
All some
Lloyd Oberry
Great app got hooked up with pro for free. The staff is really nice and positive. Recommend downloading it today for your next hunt.
The Dream Outdoors