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About iHunt Calls: 600 hunting calls


✔ Unmatched selection of 47 animals and 600 hunting calls to choose from! (Scroll down for a list of them)
✔ Easily repeat and add delay times for the calls!
✔ High quality calls with no audio noise!
✔ Supports playing through external loud speakers!

Why spend over $200 for an electronic caller in the stores when you can get this app for less than the price of *batteries* for one of those callers? We're #1 for a reason; download the app now and you'll see why!

★★★ Have an iPhone/iPod/iPad? Get the iOS version! ★★★

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New iHunt app with over 750 calls is available as well!

Alligator & Crocs - 26 calls
Bears - 12 calls
Birds - 18 calls
Bobcats - 13 calls
Buffalo & Bison - 6 calls
Chicken - 12 calls
Chipmunks - 4 calls
Cows - 11 calls
Coyote - 54 calls
Crows & Raven - 32 calls
Deer - 40 calls
Donkey - 7 calls
Duck - 29 calls
Elk - 30 calls
Fox - 19 calls
Geese - 18 calls
Goats - 5 calls
Hawks & Eagles - 14 calls
Mice & Rats - 10 calls
Moose - 26 calls
Owl - 22 calls
Pheasant - 7 calls
Prairie Dog - 8 calls
Quail - 13 calls
Rabbit & Hare - 22 calls
Raccoon - 9 calls
Sheep & Lamb - 8 calls
Snipe Bird - 9 calls
Squirrels - 17 calls
Turkey - 37 calls
Wild Boar & Pigs - 20 calls
Wildebeest - 6 calls
Zebra - 8 calls

Think you can find this many quality sounds and calls anywhere else? Think again. We spent hundreds of hours cleaning up these sounds to give you only the best to bring out to the field.

Got a favorite sound or call you want us to add to the app? Send it to [email protected] and we'll do our best to remove the noise and add it in future updates. Please be advised that by sending the file, you release all rights to us for full use and disclosure to others.

Best of luck and happy hunting!

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◆◆◆ We've been the #1 selling hunting app for over 3 years now! Forget about the rest and go with the best: iHunt! ◆◆◆

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All the sounds sound like they work I haven't tried it yet but I wanted to ask if could add a Partridge/Grouse mating call because I do ALOT of Partridge hunting.
random bob
Fun for messing with people.
Husky Comic Owner
love it
Maggie Girl
Great app with lots of calls for many differant animals. Love it, using it with a blue tooth speaker . I cant wait to use it on my next hunt.
Jim McCulloch
Works great. Wide variety. Drives my dog crazy. Lol
Nicholas Hoctor
It repeats correctly don't play adds in the middle of calling great app does what is said
Timmy Lakey