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About Boomr - Timesheets and Employee Time Tracking

Employee time tracking software that saves time and money. Our mobile time clock app tracks employee hours, overtime, projects, communication and more. Never use a paper time card again!


The best features available:

GPS Capabilities - Manage employees wherever the work day takes them using our real-time GPS tracker.

Automated Reminders - From overtime and breaks to checking in and out, our software timer alerts your employees to ensure accurate time keeping logs.

Overtime Tracking - Expensive overtime hours are eliminated when both you and employees are updated on the timesheet.

Custom Break Rules - Configure breaks to be paid or unpaid, set minimum break durations and remind employees to clock back in for work after their break ends.

Financial Reporting - Payroll and billing record keeping allow you to stay on budget throughout the month.

Project Tracking - Never fall behind, our timers inform you about the progress made on various tasks.

The best, employee-friendly solution:

Equip Your Employees - Using our employee timesheet app, your staff can review their work, clock in and out, and log notes using their mobile phone or tablet.

Terminal Mode - The traditional work time clock meets modern technology when your employees can securely check in from the same device with Boomr’s mobile time card app.

Segmented Groups - Go beyond one-size-fits-all employee record keeping by creating groups based on project, department, pay scale, or shift.

Live Notes - Get the best employee communication by creating a log of messages and updates for owners, managers and employees.

Use our time tracker to improve your business:

Cloud-based Mobility - Our GPS features inform you when mobile employees arrive at a work location, total hours tracked by the timer, and time spent between jobs.

We Grow With You - Regardless if you have 1 employee or 500, our timesheet calculator has the best scalability to grow with you.

Powerful Integrations - Our tracker connects to your existing payroll and billing software vendors and apps for seamless record keeping.

Expert Support - Have a question? Contact us anytime! We want your experience with Boomr to be the best.

Some stats on how Boomr’s time clock app can help your business:

Eliminate unplanned overhead hours by 80%

Increase timesheet and pay check accuracy by 90%

Reduce time keeping costs by up to 70%.

Workforce accountability, efficiency, and reporting in one place:

Connect Your Team - Our time card app collects GPS location, sets a work timer, monitors projects and keeps you synced with your employees. This allows you to make informed operating decisions to save money, time and headaches.

Automate Your Workforce - Text, email and in-app reminders mean no one ever forgets to log a break or clock in or out for work. Timer alerts provide accountability for employees to check in when they arrive on location.

Know Your Data - Each timesheet is automatically documented in our time clock app to ensure that your work force is running efficiently and at optimal productivity. With actionable reporting your time, labor and project data are always available and easily accessible.

Empower Your Employees - When team members are equipped with time card tools to be self-sufficient, they can log shifts and stay organized each day. This can save you time and money and prevent costly overhead.

Grow Your Business - Time is a business owner’s best asset, so we have created easy-to-use tools to maximize work force management so that you can focus on expanding your company and reaching more customers.

Try Boomr free for 30 days. No credit card required. Grow with our product, pay monthly and cancel anytime.

very good
Carl Martinez
We have used this app for a couple years now. With everything you get the occasional oops when an update comes out. I have used the support link in the app a couple of times and they have been right on it. I...
Randy Redmond
Larry Bichler