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About Bluelab Pulse

Connect to a Bluelab Pulse Meter for fast, accurate nutrient (EC), moisture and temperature measurements directly from the root zone, in soils, potting mixes, coco blends and other growing media types.

The Bluelab Pulse app syncs real-time measurements direct from the Bluelab Pulse Meter for you to view, analyse, store and export your root zone data.

Use the Bluelab Pulse app to:

• VIEW MEASUREMENTS: View live updates on screen as you take measurements with the Pulse Meter. Take measurements from the button on Pulse Meter, or in the app. A single button press or tap gives you pore conductivity (nutrient EC), % moisture content (volumetric or % of max water holding capacity), and temperature.

• TRACK MEASUREMENTS: View historic measurements for moisture, nutrient (EC) and temperature all time and date stamped. See your measurement history at a glance, identify trends, manage root zone performance, and see the results of your adjustments.

• RECORD NOTES: Quickly add notes to the measurement history and track useful information such as measurement location, plant observations or operational task reminders.

• MOVE FASTER: Set target nutrient and moisture ranges and quickly send to Pulse Meter. Use the Blink™ range indicators on Pulse Meter to quickly check if the measurement was in or out-of-range. Use the app to dive into the detail.

• SYNC WIRELESSLY: Use Pulse Meter without the app to capture fast measurements and get quick feedback with Blink™. When back in range, Pulse Meter automatically syncs all new measurement data to the Pulse app.

• CONFIGURE PULSE METER: Select the medium type you will be measuring in from the pre-set options in the app. Update Pulse Meter on-the-fly as you move between medium types.

• CALIBRATE & OPTIMISE IRRIGATION: Calibrate Pulse Meter to the maximum water holding capacity of specific growing mediums for a more meaningful scale between maximum water holding capacity and the wilting point. Follow the simple in-app process to calibrate and store custom media calibrations.

• GRAB & GO: Quickly pair to any Pulse Meter and get measuring

• NOTIFICATIONS: Receive measurements to the lock-screen with customisable notification sounds (Android 8 and above)

• EXPORT: Export all your measurement data to a .csv for further analysis.

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this device app combo is game changer in the greenhouse. take all the guess work out of trying to figure out what your plants root zones are really doing.
Vinnie Chiarpotti