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About eAlarm SOS

WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY. eAlarm SOS is a Smart Safety App that gets you help in an emergency with the touch of a button.
eAlarm SOS is designed to offer a 24/7 Rapid Emergency Response at the touch of a button. When an emergency strikes, users have only a few seconds to react and summon help, often unable to talk, or go through multiple steps to contact emergency personnel. eAlarm SOS also offers Smart Check-in. Smart Check-in allows you to automatically notify a loved one that you are safe and sound each day. Often times, friends or family members may not have time to check in because of work or schedule, but remain concerned about the safety of their loved ones.
eAlarm SOS is a B A SU product. B A S U has been serving the North American and global markets with the award-winning eAlarm line of Personal Safety Alarm systems and solutions with the highest commitment to quality service, response and care for customers. B A S U has been covered extensively in national and international media and press in recognition of its goods and services and for its relentless pursuit of customer centricity.