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About Bahama Eats: Food Delivery

Let’s Eat! You’re just a few taps away from having your favorite restaurant, retail shop or grocer delivered right to your door, in The Bahamas.

Say goodbye to waiting inline for your food or spending time shopping around in a grocery store and say Hello to Bahama Eats!

Wether you’re feeling like indulging in a Five Course meal or just craving your favorite local spot, Bahama Eats has the Eats for you.

No more having to drag out of bed, waiting in traffic or burning so much gas. With Bahama Eats, our quick & easy to operate user interface will save you time and leave you with your belly happy.

Ranging in cuisines from Bahamian, Indian, Greek, Italian, Chinese and more! Bahama Eats will make you a food Globetrotter without ever leaving the comfort of your home or work area.

What Bahama Eats offers:

- Bahama Eats offers the largest selection of restaurants in The Bahamas
- Can find local restaurants and franchises

- Allowing you to view where the driver is turn-by-turn, so you can meet the driver at the door
- No need to guess anymore

- You can pay with credit/debit cards or cash

- The Bahama Eats app provides a lot of great features
- Order instantly
- Re-order your favorite meal with a simple tap of a button
- Use promo codes to get discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bahama Eats?

Bahama Eats is a food delivery service that allows you to have your favorite restaurants, retail shops, or grocers delivered right to your door in The Bahamas.

What cuisines does Bahama Eats offer?

Bahama Eats offers a range of cuisines including Bahamian, Indian, Greek, Italian, Chinese, and more.

How can I track my delivery?

Bahama Eats provides real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to view where the driver is turn-by-turn, so you can meet the driver at the door.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for your order using credit/debit cards or cash.

What ordering options does the Bahama Eats app provide?

The Bahama Eats app offers a lot of great features. You can order instantly, re-order your favorite meal with a simple tap of a button, and even use promo codes to get discounts.
My first time ordering & it was great. I must say they are better than Krave & less pricey. The driver called as soon as the order went though & kept in communication with me. Very professional.
Lilkandy Dames