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About DayTwo

DayTwo - Eat better and feel healthier with personalized nutrition recommendations based on your microbiome and the way your body processes food.

The DayTwo Personalized Nutrition Recommendations App brings together tailored meal recommendations and results for DayTwo subscribers, based on groundbreaking scientific research. Every recommended meal and food item are scored according to your individual gut microbiome and projected blood sugar response.

Find out what’s good for you in one of the several unique modules:
• FOODS&MEALS - View a list of recommended meals in multiple categories, sorted by your individual DayTwo score
• BUILD YOUR MEAL - Build your own meal out of hundreds of thousands available items to see what your personal score will be
• SNACKS SMARTER - Find out how to snack smarter by choosing snacks with your best DayTwo score

Personalized nutrition on the go - all of these and more are presented in a uniquely easy to use package that you can carry with you anywhere in your pocket

* Using the DayTwo app requires an active subscription and an initial test of your individual gut microbiome. Find out more at

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Great app! Great interface!
Yaniv Lang
I am with DayTwo for over two years. I have been suffering from diabetes for the last 24 years with serious fluctuations HBA1C. The first time I have been balanced for a long period is only since I started e...
Eli Rosenberg
It helps
Ophir Topf
Excelent application! a little complex and has some UX issues, but still very good and intuitive.
Eran Shwartz
very helpful!
Elinor Axelrod
Amazing app
Robotricon YZ