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About Sushi bar

We all like tasty food, especially sweets. And when we come to cafe or restaurant we barely refuse cakes or chocolate. Nowadays healthy food gets more and more popular. Talking about it we can't help but remind Asian meals. And if you like Japanese food and you are fond of cooking plays then this game is for you! Here you playing a role of a real master chef manage a restaurant where the best sushi and rolls are made. We are pleased to present you our new game from the series of educational games for children Sushi bar.
Well, let's get started! Today you our restaurant is full of visitors. Quickly accompany them to banquet hall, suggest them to take seats and start gathering orders. Then hurry up to the kitchen and start cooking. Do you want to learn how to make rolls? It's very easy! Just place a sheet of nori and cover it with a thin layer of rice. Then add shrimps, fish and other ingredients in a line on top of the rice in the centre. Roll it all up and cut it in equal pieces. Put them carefully on a plate. Add some wasabi and ginger. That's it! Meal is ready! Now you can serve it. Offer to your guests tasty and aromatic tea. Full and satisfied clients will reward you with coins. Further you can use them to upgrade your place. Also some one can order delivery, to houses. In the streets of a small but beautiful town.
If you want to know how to make sushi and flavorful rolls - then play our game! Discover inside of you skills of chef! Spend your time joyfully and usefully.
Enjoy the game!

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Very good game 👌🏻👌🏻
Piyush Karan 6A
Roma Kumari
Pinky Kumari
Gagani Chamathsa