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About Baby care !

Looking after a baby is not easy, but at the same time interesting and enjoyable. If your little fidget goes to kindergarten or school, our new game is just for him! After all, playing it - your child will be able to look at himself from the side. It will give an opportunity to play mother to find out what a real babysitter is doing and what really is caring for a baby! Meet our new exciting game, which both boys and girls will definitely like - "Baby Care".
All the kid requires care and attention. Make every effort to surround him with care and affection. Please your little one. Play ball with him, rattle or robot. After all, playing with a child is very interesting. Do not forget to bathe and feed him, take care of a sound and full sleep. Have some fun! Pop balls and stack colorful puzzles. Using various musical instruments, such as a piano or xylophone, compose your music. Play the drums and find out what sounds various animals make. What the kid really wants at the moment - tooltips will show. Get the most out of your baby care and find out what true happiness is - a baby’s smile.

Main features:
• opportunity to choose a baby you want to care for;
• funny music and sound effects;
• mini-games with great diversity of game scenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the new game "Baby Care" about?

The game "Baby Care" allows children to experience what it's like to be a babysitter and take care of a baby.

Who is the target audience for the game?

The game is designed for both boys and girls.

What activities can you do in the game?

In the game, you can play with the baby using toys, bathe and feed the baby, help them have a sound and full sleep, play mini-games such as popping balls or stacking colorful puzzles, and explore various musical instruments and animal sounds.

What are the main features of the game?

The main features of the game include the ability to choose the baby you want to care for, engaging music and sound effects, and a variety of mini-games with different scenes.

How can I learn more about the game or contact the developers?

You can visit the website for more information about the game. You can also follow them on Twitter at or like their Facebook page at
Ok good for me to play
fun timedrawing girl
I dident play it but it looks like its nice well this helps you so when we grow up we can do the same to our real babies
Nawwar Al Sayyid
Nice app😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩
Sandeep Singh
Its a good game for our children 🙂
Faith Mulwa
What interesting wonderful but wow really this game I love and like very much this game it is very interesting really I can't say it's very interesting How I have how to say I am not understand it is very in...
Shri Laxmi