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About Ship wash

Perhaps the most beautiful sight is a white ship disappearing over the horizon at sunset. Ships at sea do not just attract
attention they mesmerize with their beauty. In our game collection for children we have already presented carwash games.
So now our collection of educational games is extended with very colorful and very exciting game: Carwash: Ships.
Every car, ship, riverboat or yacht look much attractive when it is clean. Today many different ships, from a small come
to our port barge to a huge passenger liner, have come to our port.
They all need a big cleanup.
So let's work! Choose any ship you like, clean it up, wash it carefully with a sponge and detergent. Wipe it and dry properly
before painting. Having finished painting it, like a real designer choose the most beautiful sticker for your ship.
Decorate all ships for your own taste. Get a lot of pleasure playing our game. Get bright and unforgettable emotions
creating something new with your own hands.

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