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About U-boat game wwII - submarine torpedo attack

Dive into the deep sea with the ww2 naval wargame “Uboat game - Submarine torpedo attack” Be captain of a real submarine in tactical combat against ships from all over the water.

Get the best tactical weapons, suitable for different marine battles and become a champion navy fighter of underwater simulator.

Sink enemies’ armadas in Survival. Show honor in navy world and fight through the ranks to admiral of u-boat! Explore underwater areas of arctic wastelands, canyons, abyss, sunken temples to get tactical advantage in war and prepare an ambush.

Warfare in marine events, tactical missions and navy challenges to get resources in the game. Dominate the sea!

💣Dozens of real ships
Track warships and make your best shot.

💣Realistic damage
Intense combat might cause fire events, propeller failure and other damages. Choose your tactics by launching torpedoes.

💣Breathtaking graphics and locations
Enjoy every second in the game with realistic graphics, stunning visual, detailed U-Boats, warships and locations! You can change graphic settings to improve visuals or performance.

💣Comfortable controls
Intuitive controls, swipe left or right to navigate and zoom in or zoom out to see the best composition of blasts. But you will need skills to become a champion of the navy simulator!

Ready to fight in the naval warfare simulator? Launch the game and start to shoot and sink enemies

Not sure what wargame to play? Choose “Uboat game - Submarine torpedo attack”

Join real-time navy FREE wargame deep in the sea, armada is awaiting your commands, destroy enemy fighters with deadly torpedoes in intense and realistic 3D blitz shooter. Unique warship gameplay!

Warfare simulator is finally here! Action packed as any shooter. It offers both first person ship shooter simulator and deep strategic decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the objective of the game "Uboat game - Submarine torpedo attack"?

The objective of the game is to be the captain of a submarine and engage in tactical combat against ships from all over the water.

What kind of weapons are available in the game?

The game offers a variety of tactical weapons suitable for different marine battles.

Can I sink enemy ships in the game?

Yes, you can sink enemies' armadas in the Survival mode of the game.

What kind of damage can occur during combat?

Intense combat can cause events like fire, propeller failure, and other damages to your submarine.

Are the graphics and locations in the game realistic?

Yes, the game features breathtaking graphics and locations, with realistic visuals, detailed U-Boats, warships, and environments.

How can I control my submarine in the game?

The game offers intuitive controls, allowing you to navigate by swiping left or right and zoom in or out for better strategic positioning.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play with real-time naval warfare simulation.

Does the game offer both first-person shooter and strategic gameplay?

Yes, the game offers both first-person ship shooter simulator and deep strategic decisions for a unique warship gameplay experience.
It's a nice game.
Reginald Heath
IF you like submarine warfare you'll like this, however it has room for improvement like to be able to upgrade your sub period not just the torpedo speed, and experience. You should add clans, clan warfare, ...
Christian Sparacino
I like this realy. I like when i fire torpedo ship sinks realy fast and i like that and all. I will call my submarine GERMAN U-BOAT that is cool
Svetlana Cirovic
fun and challenging
James Dean
I love it!!! It's kinda like looking through an actual submarine telescope.
Michael Montano
Good game it just need a actual menu
Teresita Dulaca